Sunday, April 21, 2013

Likes & Finds

Hola, friends!  All sorts of exciting family events to share but in the meantime here's a list of fun/interesting things I've been jotting down over the past few weeks.

Vivian Maier was featured on the theatre edition of This American Life: an Emily Dickinson-like character whose photographs were discovered in a storage unit in 2009.  These compilations (here and here) are stunning and definitely worth a trip to the library and I can't wait for the documentary:


I've already talked about how much I love Instagram: keeping a streaming photo essay of my (highly edited) life, sharing in other's lives as they do the same.  So wonderful to see people keeping an eye out for that moment of beauty or humor or poignancy.  I've started following Martha Stewart's American Made account @AmericanMadeMSL and been introduced to some great artisans across many disciplines.  A favorite so far: Folk Fibers of Austin, Texas.

On a similar note, I've been enjoying this 'Made in America' blog, especially this post on apparel companies.

STOP READING AND PURCHASE: this garlic peeler.  Pop in a clove, roll for about 2-3 seconds, peel pops off.  Felt a variety of emotions after its first use: awe, amazement, glee... and anger, that I had not known about this $8 tool before.

Do you have a Zoe's Kitchen in your area?  If so, try the braised white beans.  Rich, creamy, rosemary goodness.

Mommy blogging gets a hilarious and scathing parody in Paul Rudnick's 'WonderPlanet'.  Of course, I am rooting for the Darkling Shrew. I'm not quite sure what it is... a mix of Etsy, Groupon, and the MoMA store.  What I do know is that I'm loving my deeply-discounted fuchsia Sven clogs!  Eyeing the red, white, and blue Liberty next. (Made in Minnesota!)

Favorite product these days: dry shampoo, of all varieties.  Because I hate washing and drying my hair.  I just want to GO, I don't CARE about looking presentable.  And this was before baby.  You can image the state of affairs now.  (It's frizzy, it's rumpled, it's wearing the same shirt for three days.  It needs an intervention).

Other items of business: I need to purchase a laptop so I can mommy blog and shop online and write-a-decent-e-mail-which-I-cannot-do-on-my-phone while C dozes in the living room [computer is in nursery slash office slash baby stuff storage area]; address last 4-5 stubborn pregnancy pounds.  Advice welcome... except if it's about diet and exercise yadda yadda.  If you have tips regarding magic, pills, Faustian bargains, please share; already mentioned wardrobe issues - it's not a malfunction if it's continuous- so I'm vowing to dig into closet; finish research project before starting another; take photos of Clementine with The Real Camera so I have more than fuzzy phone pics of her babyhood; learn how to spell fuchsia - I always want it to be fuschsia.  This and much, much more.

I leave you with this thought:



Thursday, April 4, 2013

A memory

A memory from the bleary early weeks:

The middle of the night, the three of us awake, Luke setting up speakers in the bedroom to listen to music.

Listening to Kishi Bashi's "Bright Whites" with his lyric of

you and me at the edge of the world
which is exactly how it felt.  Exhausted, marveling.