Thursday, November 17, 2016

Masquerade Wedding

This is how a great weekend went:

My parents picked up the girls for a WashMO weekend. I scheduled a massage for 6:30 on Friday night (was great but not exactly comfortable 'cause I got KNOTS) and afterward picked up Indian food for Luke and me. Naan, Netflix, and chill?

In the morning I went to work for a bit and went to Studio Branca for my updo (request: faux hawk). For weeks I looked for a makeup artist to paint a mask on my face for Gracie's masquerade wedding but my leads kept falling through and I resigned myself to some Walgreens face tattoo transfers. As one does. But lo, a makeup artist at the salon had a perfectly-timed no-show and she did my makeup (request: spooky).

I met up with Jenny at the Galleria for her makeup and did a little wig recon for her at The Icing and Claire's (as one does) and she settled on this:

But settled isn't the right phrase because WOWZA!

Downtown for hotel check-in and getting dressed for the wedding. Here's a creepy tableau from the Marriott:

Gracie and Nick's masquerade wedding at the City Museum.

(this isn't Nick)

Gracie drilled these pumpkin holes herself. The atmosphere, tablescapes, the food -- everything was fabulous. Brava, Gracie! Congratulations Nick & Gracie!!!

My lipstick was an indigo eyeliner with turquoise shadow pressed in the middle for an ombre effect -- super cool and so easy even I the makeup maladroit could recreate it. Luke's mask was from Target.



Jenny is throwing the Breast Dance Party Ever to benefit Gateway to Hope February 17th -- party with us! Buy your tickets here. $50 is nuthin for 4 hours of this:

On Sunday we had a get-together with friends and kids and pizza and beer. Baby C, the cutest baby who ever babied, examines Luke's beard. Worry - anxious looks - back to mom.

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