Monday, September 28, 2015

Wings and Things

We went to the botanical garden to see sculptor Jorge Marin's "Wings of the City" exhibit (too bad these are out of focus). It was a glorious morning-- the fall = winter = best part of living in San Antonio -- is just around the corner!

This fountain was the highlight of Josie's weekend.

[naps] First visit to Alamo Beer Company to hear a fellow Alamo180 athlete's band.

Other weekend highlights:

Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself on Netflix. Highly recommend. Nashville is back!

Benchmark at Alamo180. 55 lb 55 times plus 600 meter run in 18:18!

Visit to La Cantera under the highly unusual circumstance of Luke's instructions to go to Hanna Andersson. 'Clem needs pants -- no dresses.'

'I wear my sungwasses.'

Pizza at the bistro. HELLO FELLOW DINERS!!!

Breakfast date while Josie and Daddy slept on Sunday morning then to Target to check out the new plaid stuff (underwhelming).

long tee, leggings, sandals -- we dress just alike
After seeing the fiddle at Alamo Beer, C played her fork the same way -- it's tucked under her chin.

New duds on Monday morning. I love these leggings - they are indestructible! And this shirt, and this shirt, and this holiday-but-not-too-holiday shirt... Tees and pants only, Luke, I promise! You know I'm obsessed with HA but it is so easy to shop there -- five leggings, five tees that all go together - done. (Good thing I didn't see this while I was in the store).

little bitty Doc Martens
Other great finds: Eyes to Kill mascara sample - gonna have to get a full size; Bobbi Brown luxe lip in Brocade - I'm willing the arrival of fall with this plummy lipstick; new capris in the prettiest print (couldn't pass up the matching bra and perfect tank... really the tank is nothing to look at on the hanger but it's so soft and fits perfectly).

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sunday Funday

On Sunday we let Daddy sleep and we went to the Fairview for doughnuts and coffee (no pics - hands full!) and then down the street to the zoo. Clementine's requested animals to visit: 'lions, elephants, rabbits'.

Who can I call about having the most beautiful toddler in the world? She needs to start earning her milk money.



'It's a little tiny ele-pant!' 

(It's a babirusa which really does look like a little tiny elephant from this vantage point).

Hippos underwater.

Intense concentration and obedience for face painting.

Home to drop off Josie for nap; Local Coffee then Central Market.

The highlight of the weekend. C pointed out a cut-out of a cow in the dairy section and when we rounded the corner to the frozen foods she said, 'I wanna look at the hippopotamus!' Thinking she was just talking about the hippo we saw ninety minutes before, I murmured, there's no hippopotamus... and then I looked where she was pointing and YES!

The back of that signage does look like a hippopotamus! Who can I call about a having a genius toddler?

Bumper sticker.

Late afternoon Target run. Josie started squealing with delight when she saw the cart. Clem wore her 'hat with the fwowers' (=swim cap).

By the way, almost-fall in SATX= 98 degrees.

Make today awesome.

Hat off in

Going over the zoo map aka 'any purse contents that will buy some time until food arrives'. We went back to Tarka where J polished off a lot of saag paneer. Luke would like you to know his hair is not gray.

Trader Joe's for

you guessed it.

Other weekend stuff: a tough Alamo180 Saturday workout; meal prep including shredded chicken with my new favorite sauce which tastes exactly like the mustard balsamic glaze on the barbecued shrimp at Cardwell's on the Plaza. I poached the chicken in the slow cooker, shredded, tossed with this sauce. Freakin' delicious and almost no work. (I found it at Target). I also finished The White Queen miniseries (if you like your capes velvety, your bosoms heaving, and historical fiction heavy on the fiction, you'll like this.) I guess I need to watch Olive Kitteridge now -- it swept the Emmys last night. C and I did more yoga until she had very un-yogic meltdown, wailing I DO YOGA! I DO YOGA! I DO YOGA YOUR PHONE! when I took the phone away because she kept pausing and starting, pausing and starting the video. On Friday night we hit up new spot in the neighborhood, BurgerFi, for National Cheeseburger Day - delicious! Already planning the next outing... #noms.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// This wonderfully done story about Atlanta food critic Christine Lauterbach. I love the 'no, I'm not interested in your opinion' part.

// Trader Joe's succulents. $5.96 x 3 = happier windowsill.

// Vesuvio pasta. I saw this shape at Central Market (where else?) and it's really delightful to eat.
// Iris was so good! Between her and Christine Lauterbach, the coolest people around are definitely unapologetic old women. This was muy inspiring. Three cheers for iconoclasts.

// Sushi with the fam. Josie is just out of the frame. C ate most of a plate of udon noodles... J did what she usually does with any food -- chews, makes face, spits out.

// Lovelane superhero outfit - how cute huh? Of course C will not put it on.

// Halved jalapenos schmeared with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. 425 for 25ish minutes. I buy these more frequently at HEB than I like to admit. But fatty salty spicy creamy? It's the perfect food. (At the sushi place we had the jalapeno bomb... you guessed it! A halved jalapeno schmeared with cream cheese, breaded in panko, fried, and drizzled with soy sauce. Mommy loves umami).

// Yoga Studio app. Trying to be good about at least 15 minutes most nights of the week.

// Loving the New Classics Pop-In Shop at Specifically this coat (olive green and pink are one of my favorite favorite combinations), this backpack, this ridiculous beanie, and this ridiculous sweatshirt.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015