Saturday, September 28, 2013

This Morning's Run

iPhone photo essay of my run this morning:

Number of miles: 10

Number of 4 minute run/ 1 minute walk cycles: 25

Number of giant pigs: 2

eggroll eating contest

giant pig #1

pig in neon


Shoe tiles in sidewalk

boxing gym

ho hum another garage

Burger Boy

cactus mural

Kings' Court Frankfurter Express

giant pig #2

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Mexico Tour Vid

Introducing the music video for 'Headlights' - tour recap and Wonder Years homage.

My favorite moments: 0:50, 1:37, 2:10, 3:30.

Play by play of NM adventure here -- it was grand!
Lucas Jack opens at Gruene Hall tomorrow night for Sean McConnell - exciting stuff!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Likes & Finds

Weird wonderful Wolky.  Saw these in Santa Fe - love 'em.  Also like these (the return of the high top is a compelling argument for the circularity of the universe rather than its linearity), these mj's (the cloggy the better), and these blue suede booties.

Also in Santa Fe: a beret with ears by Ducks in a Row SF.  Looking forward to their clothing line.   Because I like things that achieve paradoxical HARD CORE WHIMSY.

This bedding!  Just feminine enough.

Do not go gently - go fabulously!

This weekend we had sweet potato pudding (or mousse?  I didn't see the menu) at the Cove and it was scrumptious.  Pie filling sans crust essentially.  Looking to replicate at home - maybe this.

That's it from here - attempting to go to bed earlier so I don't arrive home in a heap at 5, ready for a nap, every day.  C has a fever which we are attributing to teething.  No teeth yet... But if the timing is right I will have a baby with two little teeth, and I can put that same baby in a ridiculous Halloween costume.  And that circular universe will explode with cuteness!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Favorite New Thing

My favorite new thing is a hot bag of beans.

Actually, a steaming bag of lentils and chickpeas.


I came across Tasty Bite meals in a 4 pack at Costco, first the Madras lentils and channa masala the next trip.  Zap the bag for 60 seconds and you have yourself a spicy vegetarian lunch (vegan, in the case of the channa masala).  And it is tasty!  I've been trying to move to a more plant-based diet and though a convenience food, Tasty Bites are a step in the right direction, with a bunch of vegetarian/vegan/gluten free/kosher foods.  Today I rounded it out with baby carrots and black bean hummus.  Roughage, people, serious roughage.

Downside: a wee bit expensive for an MRE, but they seem to be a responsible company.

[Someday I'm going to read this book - I've checked it out three times.]

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Mexico

The little lady and I accompanied Lucas to his first shows in New Mexico --

checked out the book

packed Vanna.  There's a baby in there.  Somewhere.

First stop, Roswell.  On the way we passed through fracking country (heavy traffic, men in jumpsuits) and listened to Don DeLillo's The Body Artist and Louis C.K.

Holiday Inn Express

We had dinner at the Cattle Baron, a restaurant which reminded me of how much I love a salad bar - with Thousand Island dressing so thick that lifting with ladle takes some effort, and makes a deep sucking sound.  The little broccoli florets.  The sprinkling of black olive slices and sunflower seeds.  2/3 iceberg 1/3 baby spinach mix and a dollop of cottage cheese.  A nostalgic and delicious meal.

En route: Roswell --> Sante Fe

In Santa Fe Luke traded an hour as the opener for room and board for two nights at Vanessie.  [Good. Deal.] The room was fabulous - a sundappled shared courtyard and two private courtyards, one enclosed and one outdoor!  The dinners were delicious - though very much landlocked I opted for scallops and sea bass.

Sound check

Exploring Sante Fe.  Tia Sophia's is owned by our friend Alex's family - we had a great breakfast there but missed Alex, who is in Nashville these days (we had fun with him in Nashvegas last year)

Throwback: Alex rockin' our wedding
 Back to Santa

This guy.  Blingy and really nice.

New Mexico Museum of Art.  Free (thanks military discount!)

Georgia O'Keefe Museum.  The current show focused on architecture, kachina, and the land - not the flowers-or-are-they-lady-bits? paintings that we expected.

Then we headed down Guadalupe Street (and passed by this church) for a baby store that turned out not to be there anymore -- but a FANTASTIC thrift store was.  Finds at bottom of post about fifty photos down.

The turquoise cloak with gold stars of this madonna was just beautiful.

 St Francis Cathedral The original church on the site was built in 1626! (As the slogan says, New Mexico: it ain't new and it ain't Mexico)

On to Taos.  Buoyed by my thrift shop success, we sought out consignment shops there too, and found Re-Threads and Pieces.  More finds!

We stayed at El Pueblo Lodge, on the main drag through town and across from the venue.

 Really wanted to go to this consignment boutique, but was rebuffed.  I assume Fred is a dog.  Will never know.

Setting up

Several photos because I just couldn't choose.

One of three family photos of the entire trip.  A good place to pause and say that once again, C proved herself to be an amazing little traveler.  And that spending time with Luke and our little girl, listening to On the Media (what a great show) and the one song I know of that's set in New Mexico and spotting Breaking Bad doppelgangers and wandering around a new town is to hear the golden hum of the universe with its resonance of goodness and wholeness.

Taos to Albuquerque


Vanna White takes in the view


In ABQ we had lunch at the Flying Star Café - soooo great. Newsstand/bakery/café/community space with locally sourced food.  Yums.

Nob Hill neighborhood

We decided to stay in this motel two blocks from the venue for convenience's sake.  Boutique hotel it was not.

Family friend Ty was kind enough to meet up with us and bring out his peeps and SO Mariah for the gig.  Thanks y'all!

{For Robin and the Perman family: AIRSTREAM!}

Are you still with me?  You are a trooper.  Only a couple more points to cover.  1) New Mexico and west Texas WIN at skies and cloudscapes.  2) Thrifted finds!  So many pieces for about $50.

Hanging out of van window

Wind power!

Please forgive the poorly styled, poorly lit shots.  I am jazzed about the clothes I found for Clementine... which made me feel justified about spending $35 for a single bamboo sleeper at Luke's-glad-it's-not-in-SATX Zap...Oh! in ABQ (the cow print... couldn't resist)

polka dot jeans, H&M leggings, pale blue corduroy pants, hot pink pants with heart patches on the knees, trust me they're there

$10 denim swingy dress for the mama, jean jacket, and three handmade shirts in cute patterns

Indigo overalls, navy shift with red topstitching in perfect condition, baby Birkenstocks (Luke's pick)

Swimsuit with built-in flotation and lime-green-with-duck-print robe...

...for next month's adventure in Hilton Head! This family party train just doesn't stop.

Whew.  You made it, readers!  Hope you are having a great first bit of fall!

Trip VIPs: Zirra sandals again (didn't take them off); Cover Girl Flame Out mascara (looooong lashes, not volumizing though); liberally re-applied Boscia sunscreen (thanks for the re-up, Suze!); arrow bangle (thanks, Kristin!); super cool Lucas Jack t-shirt