Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// The Breast Trivia Night Ever to benefit Gateway to Hope (they raised $54,000!) We didn't win but we did have the best name: Areola Grande.

and best t-shirt.

// Asian chopped salad kits + tuna steak + avocado for a packed lunch. I hate buying salad dressing because it's never used up and sits around wasting space in the fridge. The downside to salad kits are the packaging waste - the upside is no food waste. 🤷

// Lately we've had a lot of visitors and I love all the energy in the house.

// Circe is a page turner and I recommend it!

// Iced caramel cloud macchiato at Starbucks (with sugarfree syrup). It's so good! I've made my own coffee for a long time now but I saw the cloud macchiato and had to try it ... the foam is ever so tacky and thick, marshmallowlike. LOVE. I bought meringue powder per this copycat recipe and have tried to make once myself in the Vitamix Aer container. I need to work on it -- because it's still over $5 with my brought-my-own-cup discount!

image via

// Kellee's haircut for Clemmie.

// The Day of the Mulch. (Those yellow bushes are candy corn spiraea - they are so pretty even when dormant. Looking forward to their colors this summer).

Monday, April 15, 2019

A Perfect Sunday

These days rush by so quickly. I wanted to capture just one.

A morning ride at CycleBar.

Said goodbye to Mike and Justin, who had spent 12 days with us working on Luke's new album.

Was greeted with this serenade on the melodica:

Swim lessons for C. Josie had a cough and couldn't swim; she had a snack and did a sticker book with me in the lobby. Meanwhile, Luke tidied up the house.

Big Muddy Dance Company, "Footnotes", at the Grandel Theatre. We sat in a booth. The performances were marvelous. Clementine asked me during a jazz instrumental, "where are they?" and I said, "this is the best part - you get to use your IMAGINATION." "They're at the beach," she replied. And a few seconds later the vocals began - Sarah Vaughan's "Key Largo".  ?!?!!

It was one of the first warm(ish) days.

I went grocery shopping while the girls played in the sprinkler.

I made: two pie doughs for slab pies; sous vide tuna steak and chicken breast for our lunches. Did laundry.

The day wound down with Luke and the girls playing cards, their new favorite indoor activity.