Friday, August 23, 2013

Here and There

A few goodies from my time trolling the Internet avoiding tasks and to-dos.

Pendleton's Pinterest boards including my favorite "wool and whiskers"

Bee doorknocker! See it on a door here.  Did you know the bee is my spirit animal?  Sometimes I like to think about having bees, but then I think about 1) "My Girl" and 2) what would I do with pounds and pounds of honey?

I really enjoy Alana Chernila's blog - this post was great - and someday I will cook from the book of hers that I own. 

Silvuh leathuh!

Just discovered this made-in-USA brand at Nordstrom, WAYF.  Plenty of crazy prints and oddly fitting cuts.  CAN'T WAIT TO PURCHASE -- this dress meow meow and some wacky pants.

ZARA FOR BABIES!  Think there's The Dress in there for Clemmie's non-iPhone baby photos.  Whenever that happens.

I don't know how but Picasa made a gif of Betsy and Clementine at the Switchback Smokehouse.  So here it is!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Out West, Part I

Two weeks ago the clan - my sisters and their husbands, my parents, and grandparents - met up in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks.  We explored the parks, shopped in Jackson Hole, went rafting and horseback riding, and ate one s'more every night (that was me).

Brett and Bob

The author, center, with Will, Luke, Elise, and Brett

Little orange Luke

Robin and Clemmie

C and her great-grandmother Aggie

Bubbling geysers

In the evening, we ate dinner and hung out around the campfire at Will and Robin's camper.  They prepped enough food for ten adults for several days and it was delicious - salad with figs and goat cheese, cucumbers from their garden, steak.

And raspberry margaritas. Don't you travel with a blender?

And disco ball?

Raft trip down the Snake River, Tetons in distance.  [I follow the Rule of Thirds - maybe a bit too exactly.  Looking forward to my six part photography class this fall!]

Will prepares campfire stew, packets of ground beef, potatoes, and vegetables:

While the rest of us look on.

Jackson Hole:

Will and Robin at the site where they got married last summer.

Drinks and noshes at Local Bar:

We rode the Aerial Tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain for gorgeous views.  And waffles.

Hashtag no filter
At the base of the tram we ate a picnic lunch (again, victuals from the camper).

Dad, Elise, and I went on a horseback ride at Flagg Ranch.  Our trail guide Pam is from St Louis!  (Topics covered: Imo's, Lion's Choice, Ted Drewes)

The Snake River outside of Flagg Ranch

Our last night in Wyoming we had pizza at the marina restaurant:

My mom brought these matching sweatshirts from our first Yellowstone trip in 1993.

Twenty years later...

Four generations

And Clementine laughed, really truly giggled:

Elise tried to repeat the feat with a track from the same artist:

On to Colorado (Part II)!