Friday, August 23, 2013

Here and There

A few goodies from my time trolling the Internet avoiding tasks and to-dos.

Pendleton's Pinterest boards including my favorite "wool and whiskers"

Bee doorknocker! See it on a door here.  Did you know the bee is my spirit animal?  Sometimes I like to think about having bees, but then I think about 1) "My Girl" and 2) what would I do with pounds and pounds of honey?

I really enjoy Alana Chernila's blog - this post was great - and someday I will cook from the book of hers that I own. 

Silvuh leathuh!

Just discovered this made-in-USA brand at Nordstrom, WAYF.  Plenty of crazy prints and oddly fitting cuts.  CAN'T WAIT TO PURCHASE -- this dress meow meow and some wacky pants.

ZARA FOR BABIES!  Think there's The Dress in there for Clemmie's non-iPhone baby photos.  Whenever that happens.

I don't know how but Picasa made a gif of Betsy and Clementine at the Switchback Smokehouse.  So here it is!


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