Sunday, June 17, 2018


We brought a dinner of Qdoba to Jenny (post-injury: mix yourself a paloma and read about that here). She had a Get Well Soon balloon in her living room and...

Clem: Where did you get that balloon?

Jenny: My sister gave it to me in the hospital, after I fell.

Clem: (quizzically) Did you fall on your birthday?


Josie, peering at a zit on Grandma's face: You have a little nipple on your face.
Clementine, quick to correct: THAT'S NOT A NIPPLE! THESE [points emphatically to her chest] ARE NIPPLES!


 Came home from spin class to Clementine wailing: Josie said I DON'T ... LOOK... FANCY!!!


Clementine, up on the bathroom counter so she could look at her entire outfit (tank top, bike shorts, Birkenstocks, flower crown headband), shaking her hips and saying, I LIKE MYSELF!


And, I just think this is hilarious: Josie loves yellow mustard.

Our neighbor's backyard.

Qdoba dinner. (It's a theme).

I saw these mermaid purses in the hospital gift shop and bought them (pink and purple).

They turned out to be perfect for stuffing with figurines and bringing to dinner.

Unicorn patrol.

Royal Wedding Weekend

My friend Laura and her daughters came all the way from Kentucky to watch the royal wedding with us! My girls named so many of their loveys after meeting these sisters during our Kentucky trip (here and here)

Most of these pics are Laura's and we didn't get too many - too much chasing, too much laughing, too much karaoke singalong!

Field trip to the Volvo dealership to see a paint color not stocked in Lexington; frozen custards from Andy's.

Getting up early for the wedding.

Josie: her cape is so long.

Sheetpan pancakes and London apron.

Look at these girls!

Lunch al fresco.

Dinner at Katie's with Jenny (and palomas).

Cake from La Bonne Bouchee

Thank you for the visit and for introducing us to the Greatest Showman, which we have seen/listened to/talked about/danced to every day since!