Friday, August 11, 2017

Town & Country Fair

On Friday the girls and I drove to WashMO to spend the night and be at the Town & Country Fair early. After my dad got home from work we went to dinner at Hawthorne (a family favorite) in nearby Labadie. Clem settled into her Frozen bed ("wif Frozen sheets and a Frozen pillow!" - Clem) and Josie slept next to me, waking at one point with her now-nightly night terrors. This one consisted of her shouting I WANNA GO ON A BIG TRUCK! I WANNA GO ON A BIG TRUCK! (I think we had talked about seeing trucks and tractors at the fair).

The weather was absolutely perfect -- overcast and 75 degrees. We were there about 30 minutes after opening - not much crowd yet.

With Pop Pop.

Luke had a gig Friday night and drove to Washington in the morning. He found us in Agri-Land. The girls petted piglets, a calf, goats, sheep, and played in a shallow pit of soybeans.

Fair fairy.

One second after this photo Josie said: You forgot to do da udder one (pointing to her upper lip).

The royal wave.

She loved the teacups.

Our last ride was a very small roller coaster that lasted about 6 minutes - so long.

Root beer floats by the tractor pull.

Zonked out in the car.

Luke and I spent Saturday afternoon and evening meal prepping for the week: beef/onion/mushroom kebabs, Thai peanut chicken kebabs, flank steak, green beans, bacon and eggs.

On Sunday the girls and I went to the gym (where I did squats and weighted lunges that made walking painful for three days) and to lunch with Jenny. At three we went to see a house that we both liked a lot (hopes: UP) and because it was in a partially renovated but uninhabitable state, necessitated a commercial loan requiring a 20% down payment of the projected finished cost (hopes: DASHED).

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Pacific Time

A girls' weekend in San Diego!

My mom picked up the girls Thursday night and I had the strange experience of being Home Alone, as Luke and the band were in Indiana. Jenny came over at 5:15 am to drive to the airport and by 9:30 am PST we were having a breakfast sandwich and Bloody Mary at the del Coronado with Susanne.

After a walk on the beach we drove to La Jolla for some window shopping and shopping shopping - I bought two pairs of pants and a top at Lululemon that I plan to wear for the rest of the summer.

 Ceviche and palomas at one of my favorite restaurants ever, George's on the Cove. The view!

Can you take a good picture of guacamole? This guac was especially delicious.

Proud to say I had chips at almost every meal of this trip.

WPA post office.

More scenic drives and dinner in Old Town. One of my favorite things about San Diego is the gorgeous plants, everywhere.

To bed early and up early for a hilly walk with the dogs in Susanne's neighborhood, a pregame for a hike at Torrey Pines.

And some beach time.

Roberto's Very Mexican Food for a chicken cheese quesadilla and carne asada nachos.

Visiting the Golden Lotus temple - a lush garden on the cliff above the ocean. So beautiful.

After a poolside doze and Target run (prosecco, almond champagne, sparkling water, Leinenkugel's grapefruit shandy -- essentials) we dined at JalapeƱos. Shrimp ceviche tostada and shrimp cocktail. Both were superb and I want to make them at home! Love love love those bright acidic flavors. We had a hankering for churros and inquired about the best place to get them. The JalapeƱos staff said: Costco.


El Pollo Loco, just a walk across the parking lot, had churros that were good enough in a pinch. (But really the Costco churros are delicious.)

When Susanne's dog startled me into thinking he was ten hours into rigor mortis but no, he just sleeps funny.

Pre-airport breakfast at Snooze. Eggs benedict two ways: Italian and Tex Mex. Cappucinos, laughs, making plans for our next adventure! #Blessed to have these chicas in my life - and to have parents who love to watch the kids! My cup runneth over. (With guacamole).

A lemon-blueberry pancake for the table.

On the trip home I read A Really Big Lunch and Dept of Speculation and ripped out recipes for grilled foil-packet suppers and grilled peach margaritas - who's coming over?

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