Saturday, August 19, 2017

Atopy Rules

Last week Josie had a snotty nose and a cough for a couple of days, nothing unusual for her. On Wednesday she started to breathe with her belly. Luke took her to the pediatric ER at 10 pm and after receiving nebulizer treatments and oral steroids, she was admitted for an asthma attack (her first).

Luke sent me this text from the ER. How sweet is that?!

I took C to school as early as possible on Thursday and went to her room. I was covering the frozen section service and though my colleagues offered to help, it happened to be an uncommonly light day. I was able to be in Josie's room frequently while popping down to take care of administrative issues and the couple of frozens that day. 

I texted my family that morning and the next time I spoke to my dad, he was already at the hospital. He stayed with Josie while Luke and I stepped out for various reasons throughout the day and of course Josie was so happy to see Pop Pop.

As for Josie, she had a great day. TV, popsicles, stickers, pizza...

Her breathing and lung sounds improved and she needed to demonstrate adequate oxygenation during sleep. As she was hopped up on treats, a new environment, and albuterol, I thought there was no way she would nap and we would have to spend another night in the hospital. Luckily, she fell asleep in the late afternoon, maintained good oxygenation, and was able to be discharged at 7 pm.

The respiratory therapist and I woke her up for her last treatment and she was angry, tired, and tearful. After packing up her things and maneuvering the screaming child and giant stroller through the hospital and to the car, she calmed down on the short drive home, commenting:

Josie: That was fun!

Me: What was fun?

Josie: Going to the doctor!

She's fine now and we'll premedicate her when a whopping allergen dose is anticipated... making me think of the farm animals and giant pit of dusty soybeans that she encountered at the fair.

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