Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Favorite Beauty Products

A few beauty products I've liked recently...

SkinCeuticals Vitamin C / ferulic acid / phloretin serum // I bought this serum as a set with a "free" sunscreen at my salon and used it alone or blended with another antioxidant serum. I think it made my skin brighter and more even. The steep price tag keeps me from the re-purchase ... as I was running low Paula's Choice had a big sale on their ferulic acid / vitamin C serum in the old packaging after a rebrand and I snatched that up.

Even a tiny bit of winter exposure gives me crone hands - dry and red. I bought cotton gloves on Amazon and slather my hands with Kiehl's ultimate strength hand salve before I go to sleep. Yes, this practice makes me feel like a creepy cross between Miss Havisham and Curley from Of Mice and Men BUT my hands are very soft in the morning. So.

Speaking of hand cream, I am LOVING Supergoop's hand cream SPF 40. It absorbs so nicely, isn't shiny, and the pump mechanism works well (...as someone who has squirted sunscreen on to nice clothes). I keep this in the car for my hands (when I'm not wearing gloves. Oh! Glove recommendation: The cuff that keeps out the cold is so nice. Looking for a reason to buy these ruched, longer ones too.)

Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel // I didn't read any reviews prior to buying, just included this on a whim in a Sephora order (Sephora app - love; Sephora store - hate) because it seemed intriguing and I CANNOT BEAR to have my feet exfoliated during pedicures - way too ticklish. I applied to my feet for the prescribed amount of time. Days passed. 


THERE. Now you won't be surprised like I was. SO MUCH skin peeled off (Luke looking at my feet, horrified: is that supposed to happen?!!) Now my feet are so soft! Get yourself a baby foot peel - but be prepared.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving was preceded by a week of vacation, starting with a snow day! School was cancelled. I finished up a work and C and I had an afternoon of making pudding cups and reading.

Josie's new song from school:

On Friday Luke and I attended a fundraiser for C's school and on Saturday headed to Chicago.  Luke's old band the Flavor Savers had a gig. Our trip went smoothly - I brought Usborne sticker books and the girls stickered away for hours ... although they kept dropping their books and stickers sheets and (CRISIS!) tearing stickers as they peeled them off the page. I spent a lot of time twisted to the left, attending to these backseat needs. We dropped off Luke in Chicago and the girls and I drove to Elgin.

My sister, bro in law, and niece came to Mike and Eric's too and we had a great visit! For dinner, Mike made sous vide scallops (seared and served with brown butter), shrimp, tenderloin with horseradish on a crostini, mushroom wontons served with tomato bisque, and split pea soup. It was divine!

Josie visits with her favorite person, Uncle Brett.

Isla. I don't know why I have hardly any photos - too busy chatting I guess.

In the morning (biscuits and gravy for breakfast! I don't even like gravy but I love Mike's) we headed back to Chicago to pick up Luke...

(we joked that Josie was dressed as a Commander's Wife from Handmaid's Tale). In Chicago we got in a quick visit with other Flavor Saver babies - so fun.

Daily nebulizer. Just a photo to show how Josie's coloring has leapt forward.

Costco on Monday! We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time and it was a potluck. I volunteered to make mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and cranberry sauce.

Meanwhile, Clem made a rocketship.

With Clem on  a school break and all the shopping done, she and I had a fun day having breakfast out:

and at the carousel.

We picked up a gift card for Pop Pop's birthday at Bricktops and went next store for a cookie. She broke it in half and offered me the (smaller half) without my asking.

Birthday card for Pop Pop.

She created this drawing because she missed Grandma Pat, "everyone's crying".

A very brief kite interlude.


"Josie, be serious."

Finishing the sticker book.

Starting the sweet potatoes.

Began Thanksgiving Day with a 75 minute spin class!

While Luke and I were getting the house ready Thursday morning, I asked Clem to draw some placemat artwork... which turned out to be heavily influenced by our car trip audiobook, Charlotte's Web.

"I don't want to be eaten. Eat someone else."

Josie's artwork - it says I LOVE YOU. Because she tries to emulate Clem in all things, she's writing much early than C was.


The leftovers.

The sad baby.

Because Luke and I were both working on Friday, the girls went to WashMO for some more cousin time.

Meanwhile, Luke and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody on Thanksgiving night and these favorite out-of-town gents on Friday!

Celebrating my dad's birthday at my parents' house.

William looks uncannily like his grandpa!

Then we found out that Clementine can hula hoop and play catch at the same time!

The only photo I snapped of my sisters and me the whole time!