Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Carousel

🌅 Breakfast with her octopus. We made from-a-can cinnamon rolls when Clementine woke up.

 🍴 We went to the gym and then Nordstrom for lunch. Octopus waited in the stroller.

💸 Hanna Andersson had a big summertime sale - I bought coverups and more swim stuff. Planning to focus on swimming this summer instead of dance.

🎠 I had promised the girls all week that we would visit the carousel this weekend. They had a much better time than this video captured. 

🚁 I wanted to take them to the adjacent playground but it was too busy, too much climbing, and mostly I couldn't keep an eye on both of them. Back to the car.

🎯 Went to Target for splash pad shoes, bought all this stuff. I was laughing with the clerk about how many unplanned purchases there were and she said, "You have only yourself to blame."

Verily, madam, verily.

🐙 Watching Moana with octopus. Will be interesting to see if this cephalopod has usurped Horsey's status as Number #1 Lovey permanently.

💅 Mani/pedis.


🎒 Finished up the weekend by packing the swim bag, the gym bag, the sparkling-water-and-snacks-for-my-office bag, and watching Medici: Masters of Florence on Netflix. Terrible show. Luke's show schedule slows down next week so perhaps a routine will emerge! What are your summer plans? I need to put some thought into the things I'd like to accomplish in this travel-free stretch. 

Two Feelings At The Same Time

Clementine sang this song the other day and I had no idea she knew it.

A salesperson asked Josie when her birthday was and she answered, to my astonishment: July.

I thought of this poem, What is Supposed to Happen, by Naomi Shihab Nye:

When you were small,
we watched you sleeping,
waves of breath
filling your chest.
Sometimes we hid behind
the wall of baby, soft cradle
of baby needs.
I loved carrying you between
my own body and the world.
Now you are sharpening pencils,
entering the forest of
lunch boxes, little desks.
People I never saw before
call out your name
and you wave.
This loss I feel,
this shrinking,
as your field of roses
grows and grows….
Now I understand history.
Now I understand my mother’s
ancient eyes.

(Sometimes you feel two feelings at the same time - and that's ok.)

Saturday, May 20, 2017


My mom and I took the girls to the Botanical Garden on a rainy Easter morning (Luke was in Texas). We explored the new-to-me children's garden - it's incredible! The girls have been wearing these swim dresses + rash guards nonstop including three consecutive days this week. Josie's juuuust fits her so I think I'll buy the larger size for the rest of the summer (the jackets run bigger than the dresses).

We didn't make brunch plans but fortunately the garden's Cafe Flora had availability.

Josie dipped every bite of her waffle into the shot glass of syrup. Brunch level: expert.

Easter party at Aunt Ruth and Aunt Jane's! Josie with her cousin -

The gang, including three four year olds born within three months of each other!

Then the girls were off to my parents' for my week of call (and no Luke around for part of it).

Sundays in the Car with Luke

I have a lot to catch up on because things have been chaotic -- this April weekend, however, was slow and restorative.

We met my mom and the girls at the Magic House (they were at my parents' for the weekend because Luke and I were both working) and had lunch at Billy G's in Kirkwood -- I'm going back for the unlimited Bloody Mary bar (with all the fixins) and unlimited coffee drink bar (with all the fixins) and for a spot on the patio - what a fun restaurant.

(Between the Magic House and Billy G's were epic tantrums because the girls didn't want to leave. We were the parents carrying screaming, flailing children in the parking lot.)

Our only shot at having the girls nap was driving around in the car - getting them to nap at home anymore is almost impossible. We stopped at home so I could put out the pizza dough I'd made the night before for its second rise and drove around, listening to S Town and catching up.

We stopped at the Fruit Stand on Manchester and I bought two begonias and some locally made sausage for the pizza.

Jenny joined us for pizza. I used the recipes from Pizza Camp - and spoiler alert! - I like this homemade pizza better than all the pies we had in Italy.

Monday morning. At least one of us was ready!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Kentucky Horse Park, Keeneland, Camp Crawford

Watching horses in the cold.

Finding Someone Else's Zebra!

Block party!



Her purposeful stride makes this one of my favorites of Luke's photos.

"Same dress!"