Tuesday, August 7, 2018

New Favorite Things

// Creamy chickpeas with proscuitto. I've mentioned it before but I don't think I've ever made a dish so often.

// This Spanx bralette if, like me, you've reached a point in your life when you refuse to wear anything less than ultra-comfortable. (See also: Fisher, Eileen and orthotics, custom and fu$%s, out of 'em).

// Taffy Brodesser-Akner's NYT profile of Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop. I am still thinking about it.

// Patrick Melrose on Showtime. I loved these novels (way back when!) and was thrilled to hear they had been adapted as a series. I'm two episodes in: fantastic.

// Our first foray into home improvement went well! I'll post before and afters.


// Clem, boasting about going to kindergarten: I'm going to be a [her new mascot] turtle, and Josie's just going to be some kind of fruit [the name of the daycare classroom in which Clem is currently enrolled.]

// Recently Clementine and I were talking about symbols (both girls LOVE spotting FedEx trucks) and I pointed out the Starbucks symbol as an example. Later, Clem was playing coffee shop (taking orders, delivering muffins) and she said, here's my symbol ... my jaw about dropped when I saw what she had set up: a green circle and a figure a la Starbucks.

// Josie, shushing me to not waken Clementine: Kwemmie is WIDE ASLEEP!

// Clem to Josie: Be quiet! You're interrupting my 'magination. I can't 'magine it when you're being so loud.

// Clem: How goes it get day, night, day night?
Me: The Earth is spinning and when we face away from the sun, it's nighttime, and when we spin to face the sun, it's daytime.
Me: It's morning! So which way are we facing?
Clem: We are facing the sun!

// Clementine to Josie after a game of who knows what: It's a tie...so I win.

// Josie, waking up to pee at 4:15 am, said to me groggily, apropos of nothing: Sometimes rainbows like the rain... and sometimes they don't.

// Occasionally Google Photos will create these movies out of nowhere... they are so wonderful but utterly devastating.

Anniversary Ballet

For our seventh anniversary, Jenny came over for dinner. The girls turned the sofa and pulled it as close as possible to the dancing room - "you're the AUDIENCE" - and danced to the Nutcracker. It was perfect.


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Family Reunion

Our family reunion weekend kicked off with the girls' most anticipated event of the year - the fair! Luke was in TX so my dad joined me to shepherd the girls through the rides. It was ominous and dark all day but never rained - a relief because it was our only opportunity to go and the girls had such a great time last year.

The girls went home with Pop Pop to visit with cousins...

... and I joined them for dinner the next night.

Here is Josie with her favorite, Uncle Brett!

After dance class the next day: family reunion in Tower Grove Park including my dad's sisters, their spouses, and all the cousins (and their kids!) The weather was perfect: sunny, bright, not hot.

On the bus for a tour of family history with Amanda!

Telling a story ... 

Kunkel house, Jefferson Avenue. This is just north of Cherokee and Jefferson and I've driven by many many times - and had NO idea members of my family lived there for decades.

Amanda's button failed her but luckily I had (of all things) a Dolly Parton pin in my purse!

One of two family plots, Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Family trivia night, Shrewsbury.

Team names based on favorite foods of the paterfamilias:

We sat out the bike ride in Defiance and caught up with the crowd at my parents' house for Sugarfire bbq:

It was huge effort to organize all the families and SO much fun! So many highlights but sharing stories at the trivia night had us roaring with laughter.