Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Weekend Part 1

We've been watching the Nutcracker for three months. No signs of waning interest. Invariably the tutus are donned and then discarded and the rest of the clothes follow -- it gets very Sally Mann around here at night.

C dances along and narrates the scenes: THE PARTY! THE RATS! THE SNOW-FAKES! THE BATS! THE SECOND PARTY!

Blocks with Josie.

Josie and I are both struggling with the bang grow out process.

Luke went to a concert that night to see Gavin James whose video for the cover "Book of Love" he admires. Because he was the opener, Gavin was at the merch table and Luke ended up talking to him and showing the RiverWalk to him and his manager. 

Clutching a balloon and watching a movie.

The Pearl egg hunt on Saturday was a bust -- about a 3:1 kid:egg ratio and over in 15 seconds.

Burgerfi for lunch or as C calls it breathlessly, BurgerfiwherewesawMrsCampbelltheyhaveaslidenoswings - no swings!

Picking up milk and other staples at the adjacent HEB. They adore The Little Mermaid right now. "Singing like Ariel" refresher if you, oh, haven't seen it thirty times in the past six weeks. Josie cracks me up.

Luke left for a gig soon after and arrived home at 12:30 am - the next morning he left early for a midday Houston show, returning that night.The man works really hard, folks.

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