Thursday, March 3, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// For some reason one e-mail account on my phone has messages from now then [nothing] then February 2010... the first message is from Amanda planning our trip to Chicago, the trip during which I'd meet Luke for the second time and OUR LIVES WOULD NEVER BE THE SAME. Thanks for the ultimate throwback, Hotmail!

// Flank steak that was perfect. Recipe from Cook's Illustrated here. I used the technique on steak I bought marinated. Cut into four pieces and place on a rack over a baking sheet, roast at 225 for 30 minutes, sear on the stovetop. Red meat never turns out well for me but this was great. Will be delicious over salad.

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// Reusable K cups. It didn't occur to me that these existed until I saw a small display at my grocery store. Now I'm filling it with socially responsible coffee plus creating much less waste - feeling energized and self-righteous!

// My sister and I were planning a girls' weekend in Arizona and but then I said heyyyyyyyyyyy how about you come to SATX and help me organize, oh, my entire house?

And she agreed but threatened me with actually following through!

// My parents are taking the girls to the beach for spring break. Here I'm giving Mom a brief run-down on their favorite foods and she responds with her real strong emoji game.

// Things are finally getting going in the second half of my current audiobook Gilead.

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