Friday, March 25, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// Barrie Hardymon, my favorite PCHH guest, recommended Outlander so I had to watch it. I've finished the first half of the first season. Historical romance isn't usually my genre and I'm enjoying the break from my usual antihero dramas (House of Cards, Mad Men, Breaking Bad) -- the costumes and sets are incredible -- the schexxxxxxiness is a nice antidote to the puritanical audiobook I've been listening to -- as my sister pointed out, "the knitwear is amazing." (I understand some shocking events await in upcoming episodes - dreading).

Then I discovered the showrunner's podcast last night and my enjoyment is increased tenfold! So far it's Ronald D. Moore drinking scotch, smoking cigarettes, and going through the pilot episode scene by scene discussing set design, plot choices, editing --- all the fascinating aspects of stagecraft (showcraft?)

Our Favorite Kilty Pleasure Is Back!


Another happy moment was recognizing Gary Lewis as a Scottish lord. He is responsible for my all-time favorite cinematic moment, the last two minutes of Billy Elliot. The look on his face - only a split second - gives me ALL THE FEELS.

// Humble House Foods tomato asiago almond pesto. I picked this up at the farmer's market this weekend and it's sooooo delicious. Amazingly, Clementine said, "It smells like throw up" which is right on -- it does!

// Luke called me this morning to tell me this story:

Luke enters C's room to wake her up. She peers behind the door and says:

C: Where's the man?
L: What man?
C: The man standing there.
L: How big was he? A big man, a tiny man?
C: A big man.
L: What was he doing?
C picks up one leg. C: Like this. Like a flamingo.
L: How long did he stand there?
C: An hour.

This story is creepy and hilarious. Mostly creepy.

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