Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sunday at Pearl

This was a very hectic week for us - Luke was out of town for two days, then I was gone for two days (spending nine hours in the airport each day due to flight delays and missed connections), then Luke left again for gigs in Houston and Comfort. While he was gone the girls and I watched the Ballet Cracker (several times) and The Yittle Mermaid and went to the gym and Alamo 180's fifth anniversary party (Clem: we go to the bouncy house party again tomorrow?) Sunday was our planned family day.

We went to the Pearl farmer's market where I bought some local Wagyu beef. For brunch we walked to a new restaurant, Grayze, a few blocks away.

Josie did not want to share.

Watching with dismay and growing outrage at C playing on the train car.


Weekend baking projects using the cast iron skillet. Post-rise, pre-oven cinnamon rolls. (Destination: freezer) My rolling technique needs work.

Brown butter chocolate chip cookie. (Destination: work)

At the market I bought C a Kinderkitchen knife from Melisssa Guerra. (The duck scissors were quickly confiscated when I realized how sharp and spring-loaded they are). The rest of the line is so cute.

We packed the girls' suitcase for the beach, watched a couple of episodes of House of Cards, and then collapsed.

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