Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First Days of Spring

Without checking the weather on Saturday morning (why, it's going to be hot?) we dressed the girls in their swimsuits in preparation for the water table at Morgan's Wonderland. Stepped outside --> windy and 58 degrees. Onward! (Minus water table).

First time on a carousel.

Yours truly in the random accoutrement I keep strewn on the floor of the backseat just for chilly occasions like this.

Josie fell asleep on the way to Pho Bistro, a restaurant I've been wanting to try for a while.

Then she woke up and ate both of my summer rolls.

After naps we went to HEB with the promise of the race cart and cake pops (Clem knows exactly where the cake pops are and would never forget such a promise). As we steered to the bakery she said to the woman who was between us and the cake pop display in a VERY loud voice full of equal parts urgency and entitlement, "'SCUSE US!" with a simultaneous wide sweep of her arm. Luke and I dissolved in laughter.

That night we watched movies and I made meals for the week to get us back on track.

Pearl farmer's market on Sunday. Still chilly so they wore the coats I found on steep clearance in Seattle.

Brunch at Ming's Thing.

Steamed bun with pulled pork and egg.

Egg + pork belly.

Cast iron cooking continues. Nachos with local beef and farmer's market onions.

Drizzle of tamarind sauce that I want to put on everything.

I really enjoy doing projects with C - the last time we made cupcakes she had a difficult time with the liners. This time, one liner per cup, quickly.

Pwincess dress "like Ariel."

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