Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gig Harbor

I spent this weekend in Seattle visiting my sister Robin, her husband Will, and their seven month old Ava. It was a short visit but so much fun!

Robin picked me up from the airport and we had a late dinner at Cheesecake Factory. She took Friday off and we spent the day in Gig Harbor.

We went swimming with Ava at the Y which is the fanciest, busiest gym I've ever been in and we were there on a weekday morning. Check out their schedule! It has two wood burning fireplaces. I couldn't get over the place. Whenever I visit the PNW I think, I would love to live here. I hate the sun and love chunky knits, lug soles, Nordstrom, and doughnuts!

After swimming we headed to uptown Gig Harbor for shopping and lunch.

At the Green House with calamari #1 of 2. I had halibut. I always feel a moral imperative to eat seafood.

A new grocery store opened a few days before and we had to check it out. In the bottom left panel is a bulk frozen food bin: bins of scallops and cream, frozen veggies, etc that you scoop as much or as little as you'd like. The salesperson told me this was a Kroger first. YOU SAW IT HERE PEOPLE.

Ava was like:

Home for first pouch ever! She loved it. (If you'd like my sister's hair and beauty secrets and lifestyle tips, you can find her over at Our New Gig.)

Ava is such a joy! Really the smiley-est, most laid back baby ever. She's very inquisitive but entirely unfussy. As in, she whimpers a bit when she needs something and then it's over. I stole some of her hair and I'm going to clone her. Shhhh.

That night we went to Target and while browsing the beauty section the beauty concierge gave us a bag of samples. BEAUTY CONCIERGE! SAMPLES! The reason we went to Target was to pick up a tube of Robin's new beauty find, Maybelline Brow Drama, for me. Never thought these brows would need finishing but my does it add a bit of polish.

But I wasn't the only one with #browsonfleek.

We picked up dinner at India Mahal which I have been thinking about weekly since our last visit. Soooo good.

Saturday: Bellevue Square mall. Before we set out I introduced Robin to bulletproof coffee.

Top Pot hors d'oeuvre. We shared a chocolate iced bar. When in Rome you know.

First high chair experience! Nordstrom Grill + avocado.

We made a to-do list for the mall. Return Charlotte Tilsbury lipstick. Get sample of Armani Maestro SPF primer. Investigate Tom Ford eye palette. Buy Robin's MAC standbys of a decade, Untitled eye paint and Prunella eyeliner. Lucy activewear in order to add to my extensive loungewear collection. Hanna Andersson for coordinating swimsuit for Ava so the cousins can match in June at the lakeshore. (I also bought this one for C because the back is so very very cute and it's going to be worn by at least three girls).

As Rachel was applying my eye makeup at the Tom Ford counter, I gushed, "what is that fragrance you're wearing, it smells uh-maze-ing??!! So wonderful - I am swooning." Well it's Tom Ford Plum Japonais and it is worthy of hyperbole. I have a little sample now that I keep stealing sniffs of. Luke smelled it and replied to my rapturous What does it smell like I love it so much what does it smell like to you? with "a pinecone?" (It does not smell like a pinecone. The best descriptions Robin and I could come up with were "spicy" and "expensive" and "very expensive".)

Bunny takes a break.

Back to to GH for mani-pedis then dinner at Anthony's. We shared crab dip, scallops with a carrot and kale salad that was much better than it sounds, and lobster fettuccine.

Here's a bunch of photos of Robin and Ava!

Playing Mission Impossible with Daddy. With Ava in the front pack, Will planks over an object and Ava hovers over it and grabs it.

Then it was time to go home! I finished At Last on the plane.

Purple mountain majestiessssssss

Back home. After I produced one pwesent from my suitcase, C ransacked it to find her swimsuit, a dress for Josie that she donned anyway, my toiletry cases, and this 80% off Target clearance coat. (Josie has a coordinating pale pink vest.)

The short order cook got right to work.

See you at the beach, Permans!

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