Friday, February 19, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week (And Last Week)

// Yesterday morning I left for the gym promptly at 4:52 am because my car was parked behind Luke's van... even though he arrived home from a gig around 1 am, bone-tired, he switched the car and the van in the driveway so I could hop in my car and go (we had not discussed this beforehand). Talk about "the little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love"... it'll fill up your heart in the dead of the night.

// We don't shop together as a family often but I love it when we do... until someone screams or is on the verge of tears in which case Luke assures the girls I've had a long day and we wrap things up...

// Listening to my newly issued Jenny Lewis record. I had forgotten how important this album was to me and how many times I felt like Jenny was speaking to me or for me while I listened. The record itself is the most gorgeous shade of red.

// Happy news from my hairstylist of many years that she's pregnant! She and her husband have been trying for a bit*. I look forward to giving her a big hug at my appointment this weekend! Another thing that makes me happy - being able to get my hair cut and colored at 8 am, 0.3 miles from my house.

*I recognize that an observer's "bit" is a participant's "daily to monthly agony".

// C's perfect bill of health at her three year checkup. She is perfect in these situations - obedient, responsive - deep breaths on command, says ahhhhh. We call it her work persona. Same thing with haircuts - perfectly still, absorbed in eating her Dum Dum, even when tangles are being brushed out! When I approach her with a brush she ducks and yells, it's not tang-a-wee! MY HAIR IS NOT TANG-A-WEE!

// Kid cam on the treadmill! One of the channels on the gym treadmill tv shows the child care area, a feature I discovered by accident frantically navigating away from Fox News.

// Gif keyboard #ftw again. Hitchcock with a suspension trainer?! Too good.

// I washed all of my makeup brushes...

and was impressed/disgusted by the muddy face paint water.

// Fun. This is stomach tissue arranged in a sort of miniature stomach shape (which you can't appreciate in this field of view) in a benign ovarian tumor (a teratoma, if you're reading this, Matt Strauss). My job is awesome.

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