Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

A long weekend, a new camera, gorgeous weather!

On Saturday morning we went to the playground ("the playground, girls! The playground at the gym!" -- my code for the child care area at the gym) and Target but not before some ballet in the kitchen.

Getting the pretzel that affords about 20 minutes of shopping time.

On our way to a friend's birthday party at the Doseum.

"Look at that tall, tall house."  -- backseat observation at a stoplight.


With some time left before we had to get home to Josie and the sitter*, we stopped for an iced coffee and a donut hole at the Fairview.

*the Doseum requires a man to man defense

Josie, smile!

The girls have been enjoying these coffee and mixer sets - I love watching their imaginative play blossom.

This toast is taking forever.

Late into a no-nap day, watching Daniel Tiger.

On Valentine's Day C and I went to Shades of Green nursery.

Choosing spinach and lettuces.

Counting the plants... "nine, ten, eleventeen".

A new plant. "Is it beans?" she asked.

Milliseconds to meltdown (Revolucion Coffee).

Reading Skippyjon Jones.

I took C to swimming on Monday - a treat to watch her "fwoating". Another highlight of the weekend was DATE NIGHT to see my friend's performance in The Seagull. The theatre was very small and spare with audience seating on both sides of the stage. The performances were fabulous and I was struck by the eerie modernity of a play written in 1895. (I can't wait to get the girls involved in theatre as it incorporates so many wonderful skills - public speaking, memorization, body awareness, voice control, dance, confidence, literary criticism, etc).

Low carb lunch: sliders by Luke, topped with cheese, pickles, caramelized onion (the man found an onion and caramelized it!), cherry tomato.

Josie, smile!

Respite for houseplants  - sun and fertilizer.

Lettuce, day 0.

"Look at my mustache!"

Singing along with the Grammys.

If You're Happy. I love my new camera (Canon G9x)! I am typically so discouraged and disinclined to figure out new technology and pretty much have zero patience and aptitude for that sort of thing so when I transferred photos and this video to my phone effortlessly -- my reasons for the purchase were wifi, better video, and less lag between shots -- I was thrilled.

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