Monday, February 8, 2016

January Goal Recap

Here were my January goals:

Go to the gym 15 times.
I fell one session shy here because I had a procedure on my leg in late December and couldn't exercise vigorously or lift weights for two weeks. Still, not bad.

At least 15 minutes of yoga on 15 days. Four times, maybe? I'm having a hard time with this one and it's unclear why because this is something I enjoy doing.

Cook for the week each weekend. Check check check! Meal prep is making food preparation so much more pleasurable and mitigated the nightly food scramble -- there is no scramble! After we've been at this low carb thing a bit longer I'll share my strategies. ("Strategy" is an oversell.)

Read one book. I listened to four audiobooks, does that count? I also finished Carrie Brownstein's Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl. I can't recommend Edward St. Aubyn's Patrick Melrose novels enough.

Two dates with Luke. We stayed overnight at Hotel Emma and went on three breakfast dates.

Map out my study plan and complete December and January's topics. Errrr, this is turning out to be more ad hoc than I'd like.

Take two days of vacation and de-clutter while the girls are at school. I took this time and mostly did fun things but I did manage to get a big bag of stuff together for the Goodwill and cull Josie's clothes for Ava.

January was a great month. Luke was home a lot which accounts for most of that, but meal prep, those breakfasts dates, and regular gym attendance worked wonders for my mind and mindset.

Here's another thing that made a big difference:

Imagine an alternating stack of grey and black sweatshirts and sweatpants.

This was my great breakthrough of January 2016. Usually when I come from work I peel off my uniform and pull on whatever seen-better-days pajama pants are nearby. This isn't cute and it isn't even comfortable. I went to Lucy and bought a few more pants and leggings and tops and stacked them, top & pants. Now I pull on my ready-to-go outfit and am ready to cook, ready to run an errand if necessary, ready to not duck out of photographs, and ready to do my 15 minutes of yoga. (These pants are not very flattering but they are SO SOFT and SO COMFORTABLE).

Like having meals ready to go, this small act of preparation eases the frantic afterwork/afterschool time where I'm not at my best -- I'm at my energy nadir precisely when I need the most fuel to engage emotionally and get ready for the next day. Better living through sweatpants. It's such a small thing and it's made such a disproportionately large impact on my well-being -- why didn't I think of it sooner?



// 15 gym visits.

// Yoga 15 times. I'm wearing the clothes! I enjoy doing it! Where's the problem here?!

// I bought my sister's TRX kit today and I'm so excited to use it when it arrives. We use rings frequently during iron class and I took a TRX class in STL (classes are always better). Can I will myself into being a home exerciser??

// Two dates. One is already scheduled -- seeing my Alamo 180 friend in a theatre production. I can't wait!

// Weekly meal prep. A tad behind here because I was out of town this weekend. I put a roast in the slow cooker this morning and should arrive home to some Korean barbeque porky goodness. I'll roast some brussel sprouts and a pork tenderloin and catch up with mini-meals.

// Read one child development/parenting book a week. Behind here, again, but I should complete No Drama Discipline and The Whole-Brain Child this week. Our pediatrician recommended 1-2-3 Magic (citing that it worked well on her husband, um ok). Top of the list is My Toddler Talks - Josie should have more than 30 words and she has three (and that's generous).

// Make a photo book and order prints. I ordered some prints already (Social Print Studio app, so easy!) and will work on a book on my new computer!!! A laptop, finally, and a Mac - "I'm so glad you're back in the fold." -- Luke.

// Wear the makeup I purchased in Seattle. I learned a new trick of applying cream shadow with a compact brush and diffusing it out with a fluffy brush. Thanks Rachel at the Tom Ford counter at Nordstrom Bellevue!

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