Monday, February 8, 2016

Third Birthday!

Clementine's birthday weekend!

Friday was the cowboy breakfast at school to kick off the SA Rodeo. Luke says he did not coach this cowboy saunter, she just did it.

Friday night. On FYE-DAY! we watch Daniel Tiger and/or The Ballet Cracker. She likes two scenes in particular - the opening party scene and a later scene with the Chinese, Arabian, and Russian dancers. She get bored by the snowflakes and says, "I wanna see the party!" Luke thinks she likes watching the social interactions.

I like watching them dance.

Friday evening is also when I swing by Central Market and pick up some delicioso prepared food -- this night was chicken and poblano quesadillas for the girls (the only delivery system for protein and some spiciness that they accept) and flank steak with chimichurri for me. Luke was in Corpus Christi overnight.

Josie is petting her dog absentmindedly while we watch tv - so cute. Baby hands! She was sick all week and still wanting to cuddle a bit.

On Sunday we celebrated C's birthday. I made a layer cake only to realize suddenly upon slicing that I had used baking soda instead of baking powder. It was leaden.

her camera smile

No matter - it was a hit.

Presents! A harmonica, microphone, and a wooden mixer and coffee maker (as an expert Keurig button pusher, she is confused by the absence of K cups for hers in the video). She also received swimming suits and hats for her spring break trip with Grandma and Pop Pop (YOU TAKE ME TO THE BEACH, POP POP? I PWAY WITH THE SHOVEL AND BUILD A SAN' CASTLE?)

That evening I made cupcakes for her class and they too failed to rise, despite my now-punctilious use of baking powder. The baking powder best-by date was two months ago, perhaps that explains it. In any event I wasn't going to waste homemade frosting which is how I found myself at the grocery store at 6:05 am on Monday morning after my workout buying a mix, and at another grocery store at 6:28 when I remembered on the way home that I was out of cupcake liners. The cupcakes cooled while I was in the shower and, at last, I delivered 1/2 homemade, 1/2 from-a-box cupcakes to her class (topped with a Daniel Tiger plastic ring). A Pyrrhic victory.

Our baby girl is three!

Clementine's first birthday // second birthday

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  1. What a special birthday, Clementine. I'd like to know when Clementine realizes that coffee maker doesn't make noise when Luke is not around. Happy Birthday, Clementine!