Monday, February 3, 2014

First Birthday

First birthday!  I was planning a little celebration for just the three of us and given the infectious disease sitch, that turned out well.  On Friday we ordered pad thai from a place we heard about months ago, and it was delicious and just what we wanted on a Famished Friday. We pause for

{An Open Letter to Chongco Thai Rice & Noodle House}
Thank you for dispensing with the pretense of 'crab' Rangoon and serving exactly what everyone actually wants:

    I appreciate your forthrightness.  And free delivery.
                   xoxo Julie

Not surprisingly after sharing these and pad thai (with tofu, 'cause that's healthy), Luke put C to bed and I crawled to the couch and fell fast asleep at 7:15.  Luke went to Austin with a friend, I moved to the bedroom at some point, and Saturday morning we were ready to celebrate.  I was planning to decorate the house earlier, but viruses, etc etc.  A couple of weeks ago we went to the Fiesta Store which unfortunately forbids photography but just imagine floor to ceiling paper flowers, piñatas, wreaths, clothing - all hecho en Mexico and so wonderful.  I put together a little tablescape. I blame Pinterest for making me do these sorts of things.

Earlier in the week Luke and I made her birthday cake, a Mexican ice cream torte from this ATK book. Oreo crust- chocolate ice cream - Oreo crust - coffee ice cream - Oreo crust - vanilla-with-cinnamon-mixed-in ice cream - topped with toasted almond slivers.  I don't have to tell you it was fantastic.  I do have to tell you to use premium ice cream, which is also very good generalizable life-advice.  The top layer became a little granular and watery in the freezer.

Then it was to the grocery store for late birthday lunch supplies, beef tacos with fixin's.  (The recipe found in this, my very favorite go-to, always has the answer book).  Luke took great pride and care in the lunch shots. 

I was told there would be cake.


And then straight to the bath.  Because I'm on a sudden I'm going to make all of our food! kick (don't worry, it will pass), I spent the rest of the weekend cooking - jambalaya, chicken & dumplings, eggplant parmesan lasagna (all from this SL book which I've had for a while but haven't tried out), applesauce, and vegetarian pizza for the Super Bowl.  Heavy stuff but quite transportable for work lunch al desko.  A great weekend, and these other cute things happened:




  1. Happiest Birthday to little C! She looks like such a great walker. Sounds like you guys had a cozy birthday weekend. I am glad her rash cleared/is clearing up well.

  2. What a precious one-year old you have there. Happy birthday to her! That cake sounds amazing.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweetie!! Love the pic of her sleeping with the books. So precious! That outfit is super cute too.