Thursday, February 6, 2014


Several bloggers I follow feature a weekly portrait series of their children [so this is not my idea].  I planned to begin January 1 but like so many other parties here I am, showing up very late and underdressed.
Clementine was given pigtails today at daycare (I was absolutely sure this wasn't Luke's doing before he dropped her off) and I thought, today's the day we begin the portrait series:
A portrait of my child, once a week, every week
[read: when I remember], in 2014.
The evening is not C's favorite time of day - she's often cranky and tired and worn out.  Unhappy little sprite.
Pigtails I
Pigtails II
I still can't believe she has blue eyes; but three of her four grandparents do so I guess it's not that much of a surprise.  #bluegenebaby
I include Little Miss Baby 2 here because Luke and I saw her together for the first time this week.  She has a long way to go before getting born, but hello, Deuce Hinkalo. We are excited to meet you!  (More on that later).

Seventeen weeks

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