Thursday, February 6, 2014

Favorite Phone Photos - Year One Edition

These are uploaded straight from the phone on to Blogger so the resolution is terrible.  No matter- these are (some) of my favorite photos from C's first year. She's definitely the cutest thing that ever happened.

Birth day
She looks impossibly small, though she was 6 lb 7 oz

Snuggles with Grandma

Secrets with Doug
Disapproval at Two Bros BBQ

All Velcro'ed in for the night
Getting ready for BabyRoo
In the bibkerchief Grandma made

Sunday morning at Rancho Loma

Hanging out at the Luxury

Watching the Sopranos (if her first words are 'DA FUCK??!' I am going to be very embarrassed).
Yellowstone with namesake Great-Grandpa Thomas Francis
Bedtime signals with Grandpa in Denver

First fever

Postbreakfast nap in Hilton Head
Hilton Head beach laughs


Baby Frida for Halloween
'Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk' duet

There is only one person who gets a smile like this and it's D-A-D-D-Y


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