Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Things and Stuff

Laughing about Dave Matthews GPS

Digging this commentary

Would love to take pottery classes and no I've never seen Ghost

Reading (slowly) this novel with a terrible title and cover

Took Amanda's advice and bought a subscription to New York magazine.  Now that I'm reading that, the New Yorker, and the Sunday New York Times I can safely say my NYC FOMO has reached fever pitch.

Want to whip up these brownies

Sundance catalog wants: this tunic and these sandals.  Ooo and these exciting cloggy sandals to be worn with maximum contrast tights in the fall (green or blue?)

Don't have any great contenders for baby girl names.  Ideas?

I want to go to here Utahhhhhhh

Hope you are having a great week!



  1. 1. Dave Matthew GPS = hilarious
    2. According to Nameberry, maybe you could go with Alice (a list of "classic names that aren't boring" here: - they have some amusing categories)

  2. I like Veda, Simone and Cecilia.