Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Snaps

Josie, smile!

"I'm going to the airport and the zoo." She wore this dress four days this week, snatching it from the hamper and insisting "it's not dewty!"

Making brownies for my cwass.

After a multi-day reseasoning process, I used my long-neglected cast iron skillet for thick cut steaks with herb butter and this brown butter chocolate chip cookie.

Josie takes a photo with the old digital camera that lives in the backseat.


Hanging out with the Sylvias at the Block to see Mike perform and enjoy the most glorious weather.

Margaret brought activities - when will I learn?

Second mimosa of the day. The first was a St. Germain mimosa at Liberty Bar during our Sunday brunch date - reading date. I read an interesting profile of a blogger I follow. Follow as in read not as in enact his advice. I'm a grasshopper >>> ant. LET ME LIVE.

The DMG.

Josie likes spicy food, including spicy chicken wings. Luke claims they've bonded over chile chicharrones. The rest of us shared pulled pork over a perfectly ripe halved avocado - something I need to try at home.

Climbing on bench...

Jumping from bench.

Spending time with Josie goes a lot like this.

She spies some fries.

Driving home by the Quarry during the Bird Time - thousands and thousands of birds flying, landing, taking off again. It's cacophonous.

Other weekend fun: watching the Oscars, 80% of The Wolfpack (Luke: is there anything you want to watch that isn't a cooking show?), a tough tough Saturday workout at Alamo 180, meal prep, a walk around Southtown after brunch, ordering Josie some more Sandra Boynton books because her teachers say she loves Moo Baa La La La!

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