Thursday, January 28, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// Finishing the Patrick Melrose novels audiobook. The fifth novel in the series isn't available as an audiobook from the library so I've started reading the physical copy. As I started this book I recognized the narrator from the other incredibly bleak English novel I listened to recently, A God in Ruins. Apparently if you need pathos, Alex Jennings is your man.

// Renting cameras to compare them - thanks for this suggestion Jay! I'm looking for a very small, user-friendly camera with wifi. Because I'd like to learn the basics of photography I bought another recommendation and its workbook. (Any else feel inundated and intimidated by the crush of photos we all have now? Rachael wrote beautifully about it today. What are your strategies?)

// Remembering how much I want to visit White Sands, New Mexico, and pulling out the calendar to make that happen.

// Luke's improvement upon bulletproof coffee: so good. One cup of coffee + one tablespoon of unsalted grassfed butter + one tablespoon of MCT oil + splash of cream + splash of vanilla + sprinkle of cinnamon + squirt of stevia. Blended in Vitamix. I'll talk more about our low carb diet after we've been at it for a while (it's been 4 weeks) but we agree this breakfast is great - filling and energizing.


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