Monday, January 25, 2016

Wintertime and the Living Is Easy

We bought C a bike for her birthday and gave it to her a week early - why not?

Josie has a helmet too, to get in the habit. Of course she clambered on the bike as well and I said 'we should have bought two' and Luke replied that's going to be standard.

We went to Central Market for chicharrones (carb free and as Luke likes to remind me, all the hair is singed off! #gag), steak, vegetables, and the things you don't know you need until you get there, like goat butter and an $18 bag of macadamia nuts (the bulk section can really creep up on you). Josie has learned the word ball, and just like C did, starts squealing and pointing at every circle. There are large cut-outs of fruit hanging throughout the store for the citrus promotion and Josie was beside herself. BAH! BAH! BAH! Both girls enjoy peering into the tank next to the seafood counter at the "cwabs and the wopsters." It's a playground for young and old alike.

Sunday morning breakfast date at Thousand Oaks Cafe.

This family's really into sun protection.

C saw my turquoise eyeshadow and exclaimed, "Your mustache is blue!"

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