Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// Luke's plating of oven-baked scallops, peas, green beans, and sriracha. Postscript: don't bake scallops, pan sear them. Crust is a must.

// Keeping up with meal prep. Scrambled eggs reheat pretty well.

// Tonight I'm looking forward to broiling a banana, drizzling with a little bananas foster sauce, and topping with whipped cream. (Actual whipped cream - I don't know why but I feel that's important to convey.) Dinner is slow cooker beef stew sans vegetables. Checks, balances.

// Josiecat in a cat hat. (Very cute here -- last night when she was covered in vomit and 20 minutes later covered me in vomit, not so cute).

// Finally getting some nagging projects done at work so I don't feel like this anymore:

Hope your week is truly outrageous!

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