Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Wisdom and inspiration from the camera roll.

For when you wish you had done things differently...

Please buy me this zebra shirt.

Now, the interiors. What do they all have in common? Well, they aren't littered with toys, errant pieces of construction paper to slip on, single boots lying squarely in egress areas, and there isn't a hint of the dried banana residue that coats every surface of my home.

Someone teach me how to do this!

And this!

Plant Kingdom.

Brass menagerie.

I saw these lamps at Target and they looked really pricey but were only forty or fifty bucks.

Not five minutes before I saw this Luke pulled some chili out of the microwave and barked "&*#$ this bowl is hot and the food is completely cold!" Hello, Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.


I want to be a lap swimmer! This weekend we stopped into the gym that I belong to but don't frequent, probably because iron class attendance is my priority, and it has an indoor lap pool and an outdoor recreation pool AND a fantastic child care area. I was reminded that I've always wanted to be a lap swimmer (something I've never done, I need lessons) and that C would love the outdoor part when it warms up (it's only 70 right now, hahaha snowbound folks).

 (As the most important part of any venture is the apparel, I was browsing swimsuits and found this and laughed to think how much my flanks would resemble a delicious, delicious pan of baklava.)

Counter space and big windows. (Kid and Coe is a family-geared version of Airbnb).

All is calm, all is bright...

Could Dad make two of these? I texted my mom.

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