Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Long Weekend


Target after school for a friend's present and dinner, a soft pretzel.


Tuesday night: Josie vomits, stays home the next day per school policy.
Thursday night: Clem vomits - I FREW UP IN MY SHEETS! - is given a cup of water by Luke (with other measures). Luke feels somewhat ill. C stays home.
Friday night: After putting Josie to bed, I am suddenly sick. C watches as I throw up - YOU FROWING UP, MOMMY? Luke is out of town and I fervently hope this is only a few-hour thing (it was).

Sitting back on my heels, C said, "do you want a cup of water, Mommy?" and filled up a cup and handed it to me. I was amazed and touched to see her empathy blossom and for her to apply what Luke did for her to our situation. Then:

Do you remember when I frew up yesta-day? In my sheets?

Do you remember when you frew up, Mommy? (About 90 seconds had elapsed and we were still in the bathroom.) Yes I do...

OK gross anecdotes over.

At some point I made these egg cups (egg and avocado in ham, baked in a cupcake tin for 20 minutes at 400 degrees). Not as pretty as the recipe photo (top panel, she types needlessly) and less than the sum of its parts, I'd say.

Shopping the new Hanna Andersson catalog. Each time through she picked out the pink two piece bathing suit "WITH THE HAT!"

A glimpse into our bedroom oasis.

First watch of The Little Mermaid. 50% because I want to get her watching a movie I want to watch (sorry, Aristocats) and 50% because I don't think she knows what a mermaid is and they adorn her upcoming birthday bike!

Luke and I went on a Sunday morning date to a diner - steak and eggs for me, pork chops and eggs for him. This low carb thing is very do-able but it's no short stack. Miss you, pancakes. We read the paper a bit and caught up and went to Lakeshore (kinetic sand is cool, if they'd stop eating it).

First friend birthday party -- at the Little Gym. Cake and pizza preceded by an hour of vigorous play. It was great. C announced as Luke buckled her in to go home -- I want to go to Sidney's birthday tomorrow!

She was a blur most of the time.

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