Monday, July 14, 2014

Clementine at 17 Months

The past 4 to 6 weeks have been really fun - C's expressive language is taking off. She is finally saying mama and dada consistently, recognizes several animals and animal sounds (dog is 'daw' followed by 'ruffruffruff'), and can request her favorite food - cheese. She calls the sippy cup a-wa (as in, a-WA! a-WA! a-WA!) which may be her attempt at water, or it's agua (her daycare is bilingual). She is very sweet and interested in the baby (baba) though some hitting/slapping has emerged when she's frustrated (luckily Josie has not been a target...yet).

Most exciting is her interest in books. Her favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear (brah bah), MOO, and Where's Spot? (spa? SPA! SPA!)

Fun with a-WA! She will take a big gulp and then say AHHHHHHHH. It's hilarious.

Hugging Josie.

Backyard playtime.

Reading Where's Spot? with Grandma. The snake in the closet gets an SSSSSSSSSSSS sound.


She sees balls and circles everywhere, and, indeed, the world is full of balls ('baw') to the keen observer. Especially the World Cup.



  1. Oh, I loved that age! Soak it up. ;)

  2. Love all the videos! 18-30 months was my favorite time with Ellie (30-38 months my LEAST). Maybe you've figured out the magic distance between babies. Hope you are surviving with two - can't believe you're already baking!! (I'm combining IG and blog comments).