Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend by iPhone

Last weekend as a family of three?

On Friday evening C and I went to a fabulous birthday party with entertainment by the fabulous Lucas Jack/Mike Gomez duo. C was in heaven - there were wiffle balls and inflatable balls of all sizes, all ready to be corralled and thrown in the baby pool, fished out, and thrown in again. (She is obsessed with 'baws').

Intrusive fan


On Saturday I finally did something nest-y or paid someone to do something nest-y - had the car detailed. It felt so good to have the interior stripped of its film of licorice bites, Diet Coke, diet cherry limeade, splashes of breastmilk and formula, matted hair, sunscreen residue, general detritus and debris. Oh yeah, it was nasty.

[Second nest-y thing will be moving the contents of the '0-3 month baby girl' box into the dresser drawer. (Meanwhile Becky is doing all sorts of exciting things to construct a new nursery - girl, you have a vision and you have a lot of energy).]

We had to wile away a couple of hours while the car was in the shop so we walked across the parking lot to the brand new Burger King where we had the playplace and its age-appropriate slide to ourselves for an hour.

In fact, it was so nice C and I went back the next morning. There are almost no air conditioned play places in San Antonio and this one is 1.5 miles from our house, the slide faces a couch where I could ensconce myself, and the very nice employees bring your order to the playplace. (Sausage and pancake meal, $3.39, one pancake for her, two for me, I'll take it).

Luke played a gig in Houston on Saturday night and arrived home at 5 am -- I hustled C out of the house as fast and quietly as I could so he could sleep. This may be the last of our Weekend Mornings in Exile because one baby is easy enough to get of the house, two seems impossible.
BK slide

2014: A Playplace Odyssey

OB appointment this morning was good -- baby girl weighs about 7 lb. She should be here soon! Have a great week, all.


  1. Been thinking a lot about you. Can't wait to hear news of the new baby. I think you are going to be able to handle two under two easier than you think. You are a wonderful mom!

  2. Excited for your new arrival! Sending you warm thoughts for a happy, healthy birth experience. :)

  3. That burger king play place looks awesome!