Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clementine at 16 Months

Likes: peekaboo, hide and seek, being tickled, being in the bath or pool. We are going to begin swimming lessons at AquaTots this summer. She would have stayed in this splash pad all day.

Dislikes: Being buckled into the car seat which she resists with Exorcist-style back arching.

Favorite foods: Little girl can put away some pizza, as in a piece and a half; cottage cheese, as in by the cup; bananas and most fruit; rice and beans; ice cream. She's a very good eater despite having just 2 front upper and lower teeth.

after cherry and chocolate amaretto ice cream at Sherman's

New tricks: Squealing and screaming and babbling - in the last two weeks she's become very vocal; making a game of hiding in the corner between the wall and the hutch and peeking out; throwing a ball; becoming more and more playful and interactive.

She's always: Pointing.

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