Saturday, June 7, 2014

Taking Stock / JUNE

Making :  a commitment to print more photos so they aren't stuck in the computer, unviewed, forever.
Cooking : Not cooking. Sliced avocados + salt, bowls of raspberries, goat cheese + reduced sugar Craisins + cherry balsamic dressing + greens
Drinking : splashes of cold brew concentrate in chocolate milk. (from the ATK DIY cookbook: stir 3.5 cups room temperature water and 3.5 cups/9 oz ground coffee in a French press. Wait 10 minutes and stir again; cover with plastic wrap and leave on counter for 24 hours. Press and strain through coffee filter over fine mesh strainer. Chill and dilute as desired.)
Reading : a high-low mix of magazines.
Wanting :  to live in a high rise condo surrounded by concrete, big windows, and artfully draped sheepskins.
Looking : for a reason to buy a grill pan. Would I use it?
Playing : a lot of hide and seek. Exclusively as the seeker.
Wasting : time on my phone. Need to cut back.
Wishing : the summer heat would not affect my emotional well-being so. It's SAD in reverse.
Enjoying : Orange is the New Black. Two episodes in and the writing is even better than last season.
Waiting: to find out if I will lose it a little, a lot, or completely as a mother of 2 under 2.
Liking : this maxi dress.
Wondering : why all Craisins aren't reduced sugar, they taste exactly the same.
Loving : my little family.
Hoping : for a labor and delivery that proceeds exactly as before (show up at 5 cm, get an epidural, wait a couple of hours, push 4 times. BAM. All credit goes to my labor coach.)
Marveling : at my own optimism in this weekend's purchase of a retro Lands End suit and matching rash guard
Needing : to get organized, stat.
Smelling : like sunscreen.
Wearing : trusty Teva Zirra sandals.
Following : my instincts regarding 'it's all going to be ok'.
Noticing : the edema in my calves. SWELL, I thought. And then had to smile at the terrible pun.
Knowing : I'm one lucky gal.
Thinking : of completing the 180 fitness challenge at Alamo 180 in the fall; 6 classes a week for 8 weeks!
Feeling : like everyone else's pregnancy flies by and your own goes sloooooooooowly (see also, Knowing)
Bookmarking : The Creative Action Network for cool and affordable artwork
Giggling : about this quote from Confederacy of Dunces that popped into my head the other day.

“So we see that even when Fortuna spins us downward, the wheel sometimes halts for a moment and we find ourselves in a good, small cycle within a larger bad cycle. The universe, of course, is based upon the principle of the circle within the circle. At the moment, I am in an inner circle. Of course, smaller circles within this circle are also possible.”  

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  1. -We have also been loving OITNB, although I commented to Pete that it is the closest thing to porn that I've ever watched.
    -I'm not sure if it is parenting two children that is hard or just the parenting of a three-year-old that makes it tough, but we are definitely still figuring it out at our house and I lose it a lot. (probably not what you want to hear, but I'm not sleeping through the night and haven't had any caffeine yet) :-)
    -Grill Pan! Get one!! We just used ours this weekend when Pete discovered we were out of propane for the grill. It's also good for charring squash/onions before you put them on a pizza, cooking polenta slices, etc.
    -Have ordered a new sunscreen -Drunk Elephant - can't wait to give a review!

  2. It's true -- Orange is drrrrrrrrrty but it reminds me of a Shakespearean comedy with a bawdy/salacious comedic subplot going on in the background and the drama up front. The new Vee character and actress are so compelling!

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