Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vacation Megapost I


Our vacation to St Louis and Michigan was timed with Luke's tour to catch up with him in those locations, though we didn't see him very much (as expected, cue Journey's lovin' a music man's ain't always what it's supposed to be) You're welcome for the earworm.

First off, my sister Robin surprised me with a visit to St Louis! My family spent time around the house in Washington, MO, and my sister Elise arrived with her husband on Friday. C - who says dada frequently and mama only very occasionally - picked up the Heidi the fox terrier's name immediately and spent the days shouting HI-YEE! HI-YEE! when she spotted her or heard the collar tags jingle. We had a great time together as a family, the first time since our Wyoming trip.

Grandpa, Robin, and C at Lion's Lake Park, Washington, MO

Saturday was a busy day - we said goodbye to great-grandma and grandpa, had lunch with John in St Louis (no photo - for shame!), met Great Ruth for the first time, went to Brooke and Jen's BBQ baby shower, and then the Gramophone for Lucas Jack's performance/ to meet up with even more STL friends and my in-laws. C was a trooper!

[aside: amazed by Brooke and Jen's tower garden spilling over with beautiful herbs and vegetables. Must investigate year round viability in SATX. Dirtless gardening that you just plug in? Sign me up).

Visiting her great-grandfather and namesake Thomas Francis

Meeting Great Ruth

The fam at the Gramophone - where Luke and I got married almost three years ago.

Brooke, due in just a few weeks!

Clementine, silently weeping with exhaustion on Grandma's shoulder

Mah girls. I cannot tell you how good it was to see so many dear friends. Good for the soul.

Sunday morning C and I drove to Kalamazoo with my in-laws Pat and John for the second leg of our vacation.

Monday was the Portage Memorial Day parade: ragtag boy scouts, karate groups, local politicians, the perfect small town parade.

First time in the pool! She also played in the garden and felt real, lush green grass on her feet.

Lucas Jack and co arrived on Monday - we spent time at his brother's nearby lake cottage and had a big family dinner.

Mike contemplates the michiganicity of it all.

LJ at the Union, Kalamazoo

Wednesday was a down day for the band and the Head and the Heart and Lucius were in town at the State Theatre-- what a great concert! I thought Lucius was especially cool.

Just something cute that happened.

Watching C play with her cousins was a highlight of my trip. They doted on her and took such good care of her -- and it was fascinating to see her interact for the first time with older kids; her daycare group is a very narrow age range.

Slide x 200 times is all she wanted to do.

 With daddy, her favorite person. These are framers!!!!!!!


{Oh but there's more - part II to follow}

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  1. Can't wait for part two - so glad your sister surprised you for a whole family gathering!