Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vacation Megapost II

The rest of our Michigan days! As I am unable to edit photos either in terms of quality or number (love them all!), get ready to scroll.

The band was rehearsing for the show in Grand Rapids so we headed to beautiful, shady, near-deserted Binder Park Zoo for Thursday afternoon. (Life in San Antonio has increased my appreciation of shade and verdancy a hundredfold).

Consulting the map.

Interested in but unimpressed by the giraffe.

 Zebras and giraffes out there, I promise.

This photo is so sweet.

Amy and Joel made a quick visit to see us and finalize wedding plans -- see you next May, lovebirds!

I had a little quiet time in the house and caught up on some podcasts while curled in a cozy perch (vantage point of photo below) or walking on the treadmill.

Maya Angelou on Fresh Air, 1986 (if you have 14 minutes, you must listen)
Edward St. Aubyn on Fresh Air (I only recently became aware of this author and can't wait to read his books)
Always fave Louis CK on Fresh Air
Jack White interview with Bob Boilen on All Songs Considered
Medical ethicist Barron Lerner on the now-unethical paternalistic practices of his physician father, on Fresh Air (for anyone interested in medical ethics, this is really fascinating)

Skip to Sunday at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. This was sensational! (If you're going to be in the area - Laura! - you must go if you haven't been). C enjoyed the children's garden and I would love to go back for a long walk through the sculpture park. The gardens host a summer concert series; the sound check for Carlos Santana was going on throughout our visit (guitar wailing, slow drumbeats bam! bam! bam!)

From the tram tour of the sculpture park.

She was shouting at this horse in the Michigan farm area of the park.

 And babbling to the bronze pig sculpture in this enclosure.

 Back to Friday, our day at the lakeshore in South Haven. We had a picnic lunch at a playground in sight of the beach and strolled to a grassy lawn.

Baby Ezra who is not even three months and so social and smiley!

Baby Graham, six weeks.
 Sweet sisters.
 Cousins on swings.

The new mama!

Some lessons to be learned here: wear solid colors, wear blush.

 Aunt and nephew.

 Tied for favorite photo of the vacation.

Co-winner, favorite photo.

 The other new mama!

 Treats at South Haven's version of ice cream social summer destination Ted Drewes.

An evening visit to Dan and Kristin's lake cottage.

 Blondes at dusk.


Miscellaneous, because I like them:

Lucas Jack Band at the Gramophone on the very spot we wed.

Handsome husband.

South Haven beach.

Leading her back to the group.

We had a great time! Thanks to everybody for spending time with us, giving me toddler-watch duty breaks for pedicures and prenatal massages, and suggesting we have Erbelli's not once but twice! (Erbelli's is really great, best-ever? pizza).

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