Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend! We are getting ready for a baby who may arrive sooner rather than later (putting sheet on mini crib - unfolding some tiny clothes - buying new pajamas to live in - waiting)  and thinking of fun things to do while Luke plays a couple of gigs. We might check out this burger place with an astroturfed play area or take refuge in the air conditioning of The Fancy Mall. (Forecast: mid 90s).

Some good stuff from around the webs and not-webs:

Body confidence, thy name is this woman

 Typography wars! If you watched Helvetica, you will recognize these partners turned foes.

I never particularly want to see a movie in the theater but I really want to see Maleficent! (Luke: That's weird.) Maybe next Friday during the Y's Parents' Night Out = $20 Babysitting.

Are you following @youdidnoteatthat on Instagram? Hilarious.

Intrigued by the Cooking Light Diet plan, a semi-customizable list of menus for $3.75/week, 'cause mama has her work cut out for her after this baby comes. I have a lot of healthy cookbooks but a plan that uses ingredients from one meal to the next (like the Fresh 20) to reduce waste would be very helpful. I have been most successful recently just roasting a couple of pork tenderloins, zapping some frozen quinoa and steamable veggies, and stashing these little meals in the fridge. Luke drowns his in Sriracha (aka Julie repellent) and I squeeze on a little Sweet Baby Ray's and for about 15 minutes of hands-on time and less than $3 a serving, we are eating healthier than before.

Happy Father's Day! Take us out, Jimmy Fallon and Gov. Christie:

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