Monday, July 22, 2013

Blush. It Makes Such a Difference.

Sometimes I wear makeup and I'm reminded of how much better I look with it on.

I went on a little e.l.f. bender at Target, throwing a bunch of items in the basket, and at about $3 apiece, it's ok.  You add some Twizzlers, a caffeine free Diet Coke, and some Biore nose strips and you have yourself a relaxing Friday night.

On Saturday I tried the blush/bronzer duo (just the blush - I've never figured out how to use bronzer without looking like I did a face plant in Georgia red clay) and it must be good because Laura commented on my Instie from that day:

The St Lucia color is a dupe of Nars Orgasm blush/bronzer duos (oo la la)

via e.l.f.
via Sephora
But the e.l.f. is $3 and the Nars $41!  In my recollection the Nars blush has much more shimmer, and is more orange; the e.l.f. wins, hands down.  I am going to track down the bright pink shade, Antigua, on my next Tarzhay run.

I also picked up two Almay liquid shadow + primers in the grocery store due to its NO CREASE promise.  I love cream shadow despite oily skin and oily eyelids (it's ok: it's going to have benefits).  Almay, you impress me!  This pic was snapped after sitting outside for three hours in 98 degrees?  100 degrees?  what does it matter.  It was hot, like SATX always is, and this stuff stayed put and barely creased. I bought the khaki and the purple; they have some shimmer and buildable color, but start out as a just a wash of color.

I didn't like this mascara when I found it at the bottom of my makeup bag that morning, a sample that was nearly dried up, but it looks rather lush in this photo.

What are you using and loving, friends?  Any drugstore gems out there?


  1. I swear by the Rimmel lip glosses. They are usually $3.99 at Target and they frequently run $1 off couponsin the paper & magazines. They don't last that long for me (I am well-endowed in the lip department though) but most of the colors are pretty subtle. They aren't heavy and sticky like the Clinique (which my hair gets stuck in constantly).

    1. My mother once sent me text message reading:
      It's very windy. Don't wear lip gloss.

      Thank you Angela for being one of the few who understands exactly what that means!

    2. Pete will not kiss me if I am wearing certain glosses! "Too sticky," he says.

  2. Also, what's your liner? I have gel-liner by Bobbi Brown (pain to put on, but looks really good) and a wide pencil by Loreal.

    1. My very favorite is this nub of a pencil from Rimmel: olive brown with a little shimmer. Blendable but not messy. Of course they don't make it anymore -- now googling Spark It Up liners- available on ebay; no thanks. The search continues...