Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite New Thing

Just started reading Orlando Soria's blog Hommemaker.

Favorite new thing!

It's hilarious and so well-written!  Some people can really connect their brain thoughts with your word eyes.

I laughed out loud about his envy for Nate Berkus' house (the lime bit, hysterical).

Adored his birthday cake ("As with everything else in my life, the cake was Joan Didion themed.")

via Hommemaker

Thought, yes, this is how everyone has felt at some point! in this description of his devastation over his recent breakup: "When I go out in public I expect people to notice that something is disastrously wrong with me."

Also, his credo - fantastic, and that name Hommemaker - how great is that?!

It's good reading, my friends!  Have a great weekend.

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