Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life Lately

Luke and I were talking about how we don't remember much of anything from C's first weeks* so here's a memorandum of record of what we've been up to...

*I do have some recollection -- bathed in the glow of the TV watching House of Cards in the middle of the night; feeling like Our Lady Parts of the Perpetual Agony; Luke going to NYC to master his record, leaving the two of us alone, during which time I watched the Tom Hardy BBC Wuthering Heights and turned it into Blubbering Heights, just bawling at 2 am [“If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger.”  - cue sobbing].

Though showering and getting dressed everyday remain low priorities, I am really enjoying this time. Josie is a dream baby. She slept seven hours last night, unlike her sister, whose difficult night (teething) I heard about in the morning (Luke: didn't you hear her crying? And then I was up, rocking her, three times? --- No.) Here is Josie being four weeks old. Check out her dimple!

Our first just-the-four-of-us family outing was to Oaks Crossing, a restaurant at a fancy new grocery store in the burbs. I had barbecue ribs and a champagne margarita and because of the latter have been wondering daily, when can we go back? (postscript for very important product: I don't remember where this placemat came from - a gift? - but it's fantastic).

C is not going to daycare until October - in order to provide some socialization, get-the-wiggles-out activity time, and parent respite, Luke has been taking her to our gym in the morning. They have 1) a great childcare area and staff and 2) a cafĂ© with Wi-Fi so he can work (or work out). Then lunch, a nap, and, refreshed and recharged, she spends the rest of the day ricocheting around the house until dinner and bath. She loves bathtime and upon being let into the bathroom proceeds to throw all of her toys one by one into the tub. My mom taught her to rub lotion between her palms and pat it on her face (which she does with zeal, like a man slapping on aftershave). I love these little rituals that are developing.

Here she is saying a word she picked up almost instantly, cracker. It's since become even more guttural, ker-ker, with a hacking noise.

C has been very sweet with Josie, always trying to pet and kiss her. (Confession: sometimes I use Josie as bait to draw Clementine away from whatever destructive or dangerous thing she's about to do with "Want to hold Josie? Come hold Josie, Clementine!") C also brings me the boppy pillow unbidden when I settle in to feed the baby (and blankets and Brown Bear and used Kleenexes).
A visit from the Tormentor in Chief. She's learned she is able to push the pack and play around the room.

I've gone down the Breaking Bad rabbit hole - now in season 4 - but it's the perfect pastime while nursing/pumping. I feel like I'm catching up on my cultural touchstones. (What should I watch next? True Detective? Already watched Fargo). Have you been watching the High Road? Gabrielle Hamilton was the first episode guest and I had to Google her. She's a writer-chef with an acclaimed memoir, a memoir now sitting on the kitchen island despite the last time I finished a book was in 2013 2012.
Speaking of things de la leche, I've already had to dip into my squirrel milk stores, such a disappointment as I've spent all of my time (ask Luke, I've been useless around here) nursing and pumping to convince my body I have 1.5 babies but it seems to think milk* for 0.75 baby is sufficient. Darn you, pituitary gland!
*"It's weird that you make milk. Cool... but weird." - husband. Agreed.
That's it from around here! Hope all is well with you, friends.


  1. Josie is so sleepy! Dimples are the best! And hers is super cute. Alessandro cannot stop talking about True Detective, so I'll put in a plug for that from him.

  2. Did Clementine get a haircut recently? Her hair looks sweet and so kempt.

  3. Cannot believe you are home alone with BOTH of them!! Caroline was born on a Sunday, Ellie was back at school Monday morning, for three days/week - mommy needed alone time with the baby. Tues/Thurs is MORE than enough time to juggle both of my girls. You ARE a superwoman.
    Josie is just the cutest - love her dimple and that Y - A - W - N.
    We are three episodes in to The Leftovers - very spooky without being scary. Also saw the tail end of a show on WGN last night called Manhattan (the project, not the island), looked like it had potential.
    Don't get distraught/disappointed re:milk. Stay hydrated and take fenugreek :-) Hoppy beer helped me, too. I think nursing makes more milk than pumping, but can't guarantee that's not just a myth.
    Love, love both girls' cute jammies!

  4. Thank you so much for the interesting update on the Tx Hinkles. Such adorable little girls; can't wait too see them again. Sounds like Josie's got her clock set to human time !! Congrats mom and dad.