Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Weekend Part 2

Our friends the Sylvias invited us to their family Easter party which was so kind of them and so fun!

But first, driveway pics. If they are feeling cooperative they run over the garage door and pose.

And then the cutest thing in the history of cute things happened!

They move so fast I just snap away and don't know until later (=until they're restrained in their car seats) how the photos turned out.

Headband check.

The girls had the time of their lives: not only were there unguarded bowls of jelly beans everywhere, there were cascarones (confetti eggs).

Judy playing with Josie. The Crawfords and the Sylvias have taken such good care of us. We love you!


Margaret chased these girls around for hours with me -- party MVP!

And she was an excellent sport with the unending fun of cascaron-crushing.


Hoisting the piƱata. Because you can't spell Easter without ER.   ;)

On our way home I picked up Whataburger, completely forgetting we'd had burgers the day before. We split it three ways and they shared the apple slices. The party stretched through nap time and Josie dozed off immediately in the car. I thought Clem would follow suit but the little party animal ate her dinner and fell asleep during The Little Mermaid. Unfortunately they got their second wind after these power naps and it seemed as if these indefatigable girls would never, ever sleep.

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