Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Videos + tidbits.

Josie jumping - Clem and her three part curtsy. The downward glance and impatient pause for applause slay me.

On Thursday my friend from high school came allll the way from Abilene to see her favorite band of the moment, Escondido.

Brady brought Jackie, who is clearly a lot of fun.

Clem: I wuv your fwowers! ... I can wear dem?

Talking with lead singer Jessica who I thought looked a lot like Shania Twain even before she said she's Canadian.

So fun! The band was so gracious and chatted with us for a while. Curiously, I used to listen to way more music and get introduced to new bands through Pandora but now never listen to music (replaced by podcasts and audiobooks) and rarely go to shows. (At the show I told Brady about meeting Ally from Po'girl, now of Birds of Chicago, at Luke's apartment when to me she was Pandora Rock Star and how I was completely starstruck.)

So notes: keep in touch with old friends, wear a flower crown, listen to music, support the arts!

Luke played three shows in two days on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday evening I promised the girls ice cream so here they are, pre-outing. I think Josie might have worn pjs all day.

Such a sweet moment and then we resumed our usual operational tempo of Sororicide Threat Level Delta.

(Grasping at lullaby-straws, a while ago I started singing Clem "Not in Nottingham" from Disney's Robin Hood.)

 She found and put on this swim cap.

Everyone knows you have to support the head.

When you need to take care of your baby but also really want to watch Curious George.


A snapshot of Toddlerville.

On Sunday Luke and Josie were still sleeping and Clem was up and wanted to pway - I hustled her straight into the car and we went Shipley donuts which I recognize was only 13 hours after the ice cream run. It seems the only tool in my parenting skillset is a spoon.


Then a shirtless Clem and sweats-that-I-slept-in moi went to Target at 8 am to see the Marimekko line.

More rain that day = back to Old McDonald's to get the wiggles out.

Found Kosmic Kids Frozen Yoga by googling 'yoga for kids'. An Australian woman narrates and acts out Frozen with yoga poses. Clem will follow along for about 5-10 minutes.

A huge storm overnight caused flooding all over San Antonio and our main thoroughfare not even a block away was a river with cresting waves. Nonetheless we made it to Koi for haircuts. I met Erin at a salon in Southtown in 2011 and then she and her co-worker struck out on their own a third of a mile from our house. And now they've renovated a space a wee bit closer, just a quarter mile away, and it's gorgeous. 

Ever since Clem's first one circa age one, she's been completely still and silent throughout the entire haircut. Not a peep. Not a smile. Her tongue sticks out a little bit because she's concentrating. At home, if I produce a brush from a drawer because her hair is tang-a-wee - hysterics.

While I was in the kitchen after the haircut I heard an engine turning over, turning over, turning over. A neighbor's car must have been damaged by the rain, I thought. When Luke arrived home a few minutes later, he said, your car is trying to turn itself on with no key in the ignition.


A trip to the autoshop and the dealership ensued. This malfunction was immediately preceded by that drive through deep water - only temporally related? Mechanistically related? But of course the problem resolved itself as they inevitably do when in front of the people who would fix it so we'll see... we're that much closer to Clementine's dream of a mini-wan (the mechanics say it's not unsafe).

And finally, Josie felt like photos, Clem didn't.

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