Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// This combo: marinated flank steak with crema Mexicana con sal drizzled over it. SO GOOD. 

// Still laughing about this exchange.

Earlier in the day: Clementine looks at my rash guard and says what's that and I say it's like a shirt but it's made out of swimming suit material.

Later in the day: Clementine is being naughty and yanking on my shirt and I say stop pulling on my shirt! And she shouts IT'S NOT A SHIRT, IT'S A SWIMMING SUIT, IT LOOKS LIKE A SHIRT!

I needed to discipline her but I was laughing too hard.

// This reminded me that I need a solid pink rash guard and then I found this new line by Land's End and want everything?! Like this and this and this (!!!)

// Planning a trip to White Sands!

// Date 2/2 of the month: Harry Connick Jr at the Tobin Center.  Ooo ooo ooo that man's voice is like a gin and tonic in a shady poolside spot on your first day of vacation.

Excuse me while I re-watch Hope Floats


It was a great show and I liked his country song - also looking forward to (watching clips of) his upcoming daytime tv show.

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