Friday, April 1, 2016

March/April Goals

In March I said I'd:

// Keep up with meal prep and gym attendance/yoga/TRX sessions
// Read those parenting books
// Make a photo book
// Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

And now I'd like to present a series of excuses explanations!

First, this is my life:


Luke's show schedule picked up last month and lots of hand-off parenting - he takes them to school, I do the pick-up/dinner/bedtime - means almost nothing happens besides the care & feeding of those little girls. Laundry doesn't even happen because the machines are in our detached garage. Lately the bedtime routine has been draaaaaaaagging on  - Josie scream-cries in protest, C demands another book - suddenly has to pee again - needs "my cow, my little cow, he's in the kitchen!" I cannot manage a project or even vaguely intellectual endeavor after this. They've also been staying up later ... ughhhhhh.

New month, new plans.

My leg is a bit sore still from my laser procedure (buh-bye, greater saphenous) so I'm taking it easy. Hopefully I'll be back at the gym soon.

// Read one parenting book, watch an episode. I've been putting off the reading I need to do because I'd rather zone out at night. Putting myself on a book-for-TV program.

// Make a photo book. A slapdash, minimally captioned photo book. I'll be so happy I have it.

// Get rid of a bunch of stuff when Elise is here. I've taken two days off this month for projects.

// Have 15 days of <25 grams of sugar! Ugh this is going to be tough. My daily carbohydrates are in the range I'd like -- but still too much sugar.


// Two dates.

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