Monday, April 4, 2016

Our Weekend

... started on the wrong foot.

You know when you go to a restaurant and you see a family with little kids and you groan oh no no no, please let them go somewhere else...oh no they're opening the door. And now they're seated by us. What is wrong with you people??!!  The family with the flailing and squealing children, the mom who is getting more and more shrill and digging ever more frantically in the bulging diaper bag only to say WHERE ARE THE (mumble) STICKERS? and the dad - well, the dad isn't there much because he keeps taking one kid then the other kid outside to the car for time out? Then the mom hauls one kid under her arm like a sack of potatoes while grazing other diners' heads with the giant diaper bag on the way to the register, diners who would be pissed except they're too glad to see them leave?

Have you been around this family?

So yeah we didn't exactly get to savor Sichuan House as I had planned. The menu is sometime I'd like to return to sans kids -- pig ears, beef tendons, etc.

The girls switched car seats on the way home. Here we're waiting for Luke to return with a strawberry milkshake from Amy's. Friday night redeemed.

Bedtime pile-up.

From the looks of it Saturday was off to a rocky start too. I forget what she was upset about here.

I PUT ON SUNSCWEEN MYSELF. We have new routine that C also narrates: You squeeze the sunscween in my hand and I rub it in. NO I RUB IT IN.

She likes a Coola product I immediately relegated to kid-use due to its chalky white cast.

Sad but not too sad to pose.

I like these sungwasses. They match my car seat!

Friend's birthday party at Kiddie Park, a very old mini amusement park nearby. This place is tailored to the under 5 crowd - the girls had a blast. The weather was glorious - sunny and seventy degrees.

Amazingly, Josie wore these sunglasses for an hour and half.

Josie on the water ride. I've never seen her so happy.

Hubba hubba hubs.

My current look can only be described as hard-core mom-core. (Feeling good about: my tee and jeans are made in the USA. Hat is Austin-based Tula purchased expressly for the chinstrap -- as C would say it's winny!  [windy])

Carousel convo.

After the party I went to my happy place.

Defensive balloon posture. (Yes I know our house looks like an overgrown dorm room).

Luke had a gig - the girls watched The Nutcracker (Spacibo, Mariinsky Ballet Company, for your contribution to my kids' arts education and my sanity) and I got started on the weekly meals -- steak tips with charred peppers and onions, homemade sausage patties, and spinach frittata (all from Cook It In Cast Iron), oven baked bacon, and roasted veggies.

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