Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stomping Grounds

What we've been up to.

Sunglasses from the Dollar Spot at Target.

Monday morning got me like

Kiddie Park.

Calf tattoo of Texas flag draped over a cross because it's so many things at once.

Knuckle dimples.

Fave photo to date.

Landa playground.

When you take the photo too late.

Each day of the weekend one kid didn't sleep. Clem and I went to Central Market during her not-nap. We found the fiesta crown she made at school in the car ... here she's telling me I'M NOT A GOOD HELPER I'M A PWINCESS.

All better. "I hold my bootiful cwown so the wind not bwow it away."

Cashing in the weeklong promise of a Sunday morning doughnut run. Luke had a late gig the night before and was able to sleep a bit.

Olmos Basin playground.

We traded off and I went to Row&Flow. This was Josie's day to not-nap. Early dinner of queso and margaritas at Torchy's. C pronounced the queso to be 'not too bicy' and ate heavily-dipped chip after chip despite it being somewhat spicy.

Julie: I'm so glad we're educating their palates to like (hushed so C wouldn't hear the s word) spicy stuff.
Luke: It's nacho cheese.

One thing I dearly love about Luke is how he humors me. We were on our way home from Target when I saw this hanging basket configuration. I asked to turn around for a photo and he did without pausing. Isn't it so simple and pretty?

We didn't want to go home quite yet. We ran the girls around on the middle school track a few blocks away.

A very Texas tableau.

Ice cweam dress and po-tah dot tights!

Monday morning.

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