Monday, April 4, 2016

Daniel Tiger Live

Sunday started with a massage. I love the robes at Woodhouse -- heavy with a plush inside and silk-smooth cotton exterior.

I made a return at Nordstrom Rack across the parking lot and found a $300 Classiques Entier (Nordstrom's house workwear brand) dress for $19.97. YASSSSSSSS. Working on my post-military work wardrobe has been so much fun.

Because the weather was so gorgeous and downtown roads were closed for Siclovia, we parked at Pearl and walked the mile down the RiverWalk to the performing arts center for Daniel Tiger Live!

I bought tickets for this event during a half-price Black Friday promotion - it seemed as if it would never roll around.

Waiting for our pre-walk margarita at Supper.

San Antonio, you're a pretty lady.

I was there too! Looking Mom AF.

Mad this isn't in focus.

This was their first time in a theatre.

Clem was enthralled by the show (which wasn't the melee I was expecting given the target demographic of 4 year olds) - she sang along (luckily she's seen every episode many times), clapped, danced. Josie sat on my lap for a bit then Luke and I traded off going outside with her. C did such a great job that Luke is taking her to the ballet next weekend.

 Josie is wearing pajamas without shoes. It was that kind of day.

Luke demonstrating the infantilizing, thigh-gap-creating pigeon-toed stance that is all over social media that drives me crazy.

Back at Pearl, checking out the new artificial turf square and picking up a new book at the Twig bookstore. I've heard great things about this book but it's too long - I'd tire of listening to it as an audiobook and I'd have to renew and renew and renew it as a library checkout - so I bought it. Here's hoping.

wheels beginning to fall off...

We had two criticisms about the show: 1) the sound was horrible 2) it was at 2 pm. 2 PM! Naptime is sacrosanct, people!

Watching the yogis...

Wheels off.

All better.

It was a grrrrific weekend, neighbors! Ugga mugga!

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