Monday, April 18, 2016

Elise Visits!

My sister Elise agreed to postpone a girls' weekend in Arizona for ... this.

On Thursday I ran out of work, picked up the girls, and hustled to the airport to pick her up. Then we swung through Taco Cabana (I love Taco Banana!  said Clementine) for quesadillas. The next morning we went to Alamo 180 at 6 am -- WELCOME TO YOUR VACATION, ELISE!

We tackled my closet - Elise is excellent at KonMari-ing things and we culled three bags for the Goodwill, one box for my SIL Amy, one bag of trash-bound items, and a few items to be cleaned and a few in need of alteration. (Which I've since gotten back from the dry cleaner and will pick up from the seamstress on Tuesday - yaaaaasssssss clean).

Now I have a wear-now closet full of things I'd forgotten that I own

and a future-work closet full of the clothes I've purchased in anticipation of my post-military career. Not pictured: the purple-navy nail polish I bought this morning at the salon because COLORS.

Have I told you we're moving back to St Louis this summer?!!

We walked to Torchy's for a marg, queso, and guac* and sat at the bar for quicker service. We grilled the girl next to us about her amazing technicolor ombre eyeshadow (two blended Sephora pencils, noted).

*devoting my last 100 Texas days to eating as much Tex-Mex food as possible. Maybe not as much, but as frequently. No, as much too. Moving on.

If you're thinking 'you're wearing workout clothes nine hours after your workout and that seems normal for you but you're wearing makeup and that's, er, unusual' - you're right! We also went to Ulta, the results of which I'll detail later.

                                       Diet cranberry limeades happy hour price bishes.

On Saturday we went to a Row&Flow class at Energy X - 30 minutes of HIIT rowing/kettlebell/suspension trainer and 30 minutes of yoga. It was a sister party - the class consisted us and the instructor and her two sisters. SISTER PARTY!

Lunch was a sister party at California Pizza Kitchen with these two followed by a trip to the Landa library playground.

That evening Luke and Clementine went to the ballet at the Tobin Center. She lasted about 30 minutes before going to do what she really wanted, running up and down the wide stairs outside. Meanwhile, I convinced Elise to buy a cast iron skillet.

Elise escaped left on Sunday. After Row&Flow, C and I went to Central Market for grilled cheese and sprinkles for the cake pops we made for her class. Here she is removing the grapes from the fruit medley with surgical precision. When is someone going to tell the melon farmers that NO ONE LIKES CANTALOUPE?


I promised her the playground but as we drove down Broadway she shouted I WANT TO GO TO OLD MCDONALD'S!

p.s. I hope she calls it Old McDonald's for years, it's hilarious.

$1.50 iced coffee and the Playplace it was. MOMMY I CAN SEE YOU I SEE YOU MOMMY!

XOXO Elise! Next stop Fairmont Scottsdale Princess - my treat!

...after you help me organize our new apartment.

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