Friday, April 22, 2016


Clementine at 3:

// When I returned from an overnight trip, I asked "what did you have for dinner?"
   C: "The pizza car came."

// Her class has been doing a gardening project and talking about growing.
   C: "I'm going to grow big like a flower...I'm going to drive... drink coffee...wear a hat... not throw my food on the floor... cut with a knife."

// Instructing Josie to raise her head in a yoga pose: "Up your head, Josie!"

// "We go to the zoo to see lions, alligators, zebras, and cheetos."

// Her phrase for anything loud/scary/sustained is "a big storm" ....

After a multi-second fart ... "my toots is a big storm!" Later: "Funder [thunder] toot!"

// She sniffed my arm after I spritzed on perfume (her sniffs are quick exhalations on the object of interest): "What does my nose smell?"

// For a while we'd say We're going to have a great day tomorrow! as we closed her door for the night and she'd shout WE WILL! but it sounded like WE WHEEL!

// She usually sings to herself at night and it's so funny to hear the bits of songs - right now it's Down By the Bay ... (did you ever see a whale with a po-tah dot tail? DOWNBYDABAY...)

// Almost everything is/was her fave-wit [favorite]. Current fave-wits:

The Little Mermaid, Curious George, Penguins of Madagascar, Daniel Tiger
Quesadillas, hummus + carrots, cherry tomatoes, oranges, mac and cheese, doughnuts, sliced cheese, salami
Llama Llama Mad at Mama
Fern Hollow 
Playing Memory Yoga
Going to the grocery store - maybe we get cake pops?
Baking - I help you bake?
"The park with the swing and the slide! We go to the park with the swing and the slide - yeah, that's a good idea!"
Dancing along with The Nutcracker
All things pink or purple

// She and Josie like to play with their wooden coffee mugs and cups and Luke pantomimed adding cream to Clem's which enraged her and she dumped it out... turned over the empty mug and shook out every drop of imaginary coffee.

Josie at 21 months:

She knows body parts and can follow complicated commands - she knows everything; the names and whereabouts of each book, 'do yoga', brush teeth... Her expressed vocabulary now includes: mama, dada, baba [bottle], agua, trash [trasshhhhhhhhhhhh with a sustained shh], cheese, apple, bubble, backpack, ball, shoe, and boot. Animal sounds for dog, cat, cow, and bear/lion. Most importantly she attempting more sounds now.

She loves stuffed animals. C became fond of her baby doll around 2.5 and now sleeps with one every night (we have three mostly identical ones but she insists on 'the baby with the up and down eyes') but Josie has had a doll or animal under her arm since about one. Her favorite is a Curious George doll from school that they allow us to take home.

Josie was a very easygoing, loving baby. When she turned twelve months, she lost her love bug tendencies. She has a short temper and is quick to squeal-scream, hit, and pull hair. Now that her speech is coming around, I sense improvement imminently but jeez it's a been a tough year. Most days she does not nap at daycare and is exhausted and cranky at home. (She naps on the weekend, thank goodness). She's becoming more independent. Now she wants to carry her own lunchbox and hold my hand when we go to C's classroom to collect her.

She's much more omnivorous than her sister: spinach dip and saag paneer, pork rinds (loves), green beans, bites of meat.

She went through a delightful phase of going to sleep immediately but now wails for 5-10 minutes before collapsing after her thirteen-hours-awake bender.

Her favorite books are: Sleepy Time, Babies, Opposites, and Blue Hat Green Hat. She'll listen for about a third or a half of a longer book like The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, one of my favorites from childhood.

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